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ADAS calibration equipment


Precision, OEM Compliant Calibration Solution

In today's advanced automotive repair industry, retaining revenue in-house becomes especially crucial when confronted with the intricate task of calibrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Even routine vehicle repairs can require ADAS recalibration, a complex application that can become more challenging in the absence of essential tools.

EZ-ADAS™ stands out as a top-tier solution from Hofmann®, employing an innovative suite of precision tools meticulously engineered to facilitate the swift and seamless recalibration of ADAS systems in modern vehicles. This system integrates with your existing ADAS-capable diagnostic tool, utilizing a variety of sophisticated features, including a unique centerline calibration process, precision laser technology, user-friendly target positioning, and an exclusive mobile application. Collectively, these features empower technicians to address the rigorous requirements of OEM ADAS calibration with speed and efficiency. The system's engineering incorporates a space-saving design, collapsible configuration, an extensive selection of target options, and the added convenience of an optional storage cart. This ensures the straightforward integration of the EZ-ADAS™ solution into your workshop, making it a practical and prudent investment.

mobile app support for ADAS system
Gain exclusive access to an essential resource with step-by-step videos and OEM data readily available at your fingertips. Through our exclusive mobile app, technicians may acquire substantial comprehensive guidance, including instructive 3D videos that lead them seamlessly through target placement, offering valuable diagnostic tools. The EZ-ADAS™ system introduces an exclusive application that equips users with all the essential information they need to perform recalibrations, complemented by user-friendly 3D videos for precise target placement guidance.
folding design for ADAS system
The intelligently crafted EZ-ADAS™ system incorporates a space-saving design that effectively minimizes the need for extra shop storage. Innovative engineering enables the system to easily fold up and be moved out of the working area, facilitating efficient storage when the system is not in active use. Our patent-pending target placement guide-plate features a clear visual indicator of the vehicle's centerline, expediting the overall process and enhancing the precision of target positioning tasks.
laser technology for ADAS system
Employing state-of-the-art laser technology, our precision system features laser-guided positioning, enabling swift and precise target placement. This advanced technology not only significantly reduces the number of steps necessary for achieving ADAS calibration but also mitigates the risk of errors. Our streamlined system is not only expeditious and straightforward to set up but also enhances overall productivity. By integrating cutting-edge laser precision technology, we have effectively eliminated the potential for errors. This system represents a concerted effort to simplify the repair process by minimizing the complexity associated with alignment components and the multitude of steps typically required for a successful recalibration.
mirror laser stand for ADAS system
The EZ-ADAS™ system offers a seamless centerline setup facilitated by a mirror stand, ensuring precision in positioning. This innovative approach harnesses a visible centerline, effectively expediting target placement while elevating overall accuracy levels. Moreover, the target placement guide, rooted in the OEM repair procedure, provides a crystal-clear and user-friendly step-by-step framework, adeptly eliminating any lingering uncertainties.
easy target placement for ADAS system
EZ-ADAS™ presents target placement guides meticulously aligned with OEM specifications. Leveraging our state-of-the-art precision laser technology, this system empowers technicians, regardless of their expertise level, to adeptly and expeditiously position the requisite targets with unparalleled accuracy. The system's high-precision laser positioning system, complemented by our distinct target placement methodology, streamlines the process to such an extent that virtually any technician can promptly place the target precisely where the OEM mandates, even with minimal training.