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Wheel Alignment Machines

Steeped in a legacy of innovation and excellence, Hofmann® crafts wheel alignment machines that truly set industry standards. We merge eight decades of experience with cutting-edge technology, ensuring our equipment offers time-honored reliability and forward-thinking features.

Our wheel alignment systems are meticulously designed to optimize the geometric angles of modern vehicles, addressing uneven tire wear and promoting smooth, safe rides. With precision at their core, our machines provide accurate measurements, empowering your technicians to make flawless adjustments for perfect alignment every time.

Fully Mobile
Cross Beam

Exceptional Manufacturing

Over the decades, Hofmann has established a solid reputation in the automotive industry, recognized for our commitment to quality, precision, and efficiency. Our collection of premium wheel alignment machines underscores our dedication to providing solutions that not only enhance your service quality but also increase shops’ profitability.

A Seamless User Experience

Navigating the landscape of wheel alignment should never feel like a complex task. That's why our machines are designed with user-centricity in mind, offering an intuitive interface that translates complex processes into simple, manageable tasks.

Our equipment uses innovative sensors and systems to identify misaligned wheels and guarantee proper alignment. These machines offer enriched, simplified experiences that save you valuable time.  Every feature and display are crafted to present information in a clear, understandable manner, empowering technicians of all experience levels.

High-Quality Precision

Our machines, known for their precision and durability, marry advanced technology with timeless traditional craftsmanship. This blend of innovation and heritage ensures that every Hofmann wheel aligner exceeds stringent industry standards, making them a preferred choice for garages and auto service centers across the globe.

Modern Solutions for Modern Vehicles

In an ever-evolving industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Our complete wheel alignment systems are designed to meet the unique needs of modern vehicles.

Our machines come equipped with detailed predictive technology, allowing technicians to make informed, effective adjustments to the complex geometric angles of today's cars and trucks.

A Gateway to Greater Profits

At Hofmann, we believe that every piece of equipment should be an investment towards profitability. That’s why our wheel alignment machines serve as revenue generators, adding an essential service to your shop. But the benefits don't stop there — these machines also open the door to diverse revenue streams, transforming each visit to your garage into a profitable business.

Expand Your Services

Stepping into the Hofmann universe is about broadening your horizons. Beyond wheel alignment, our comprehensive portfolio featuring wheel servicing equipment, lifts, and ADAS calibration systems, provides an opportunity to expand your offering.

Your shop will become the ultimate destination for customers seeking complete alignment service solutions, further solidifying your standing in the market.

Reliable Performance

Crafted with meticulous care, our machines are not only innovative but also highly durable. We prioritize long-lasting performance and reliability, so our machines continue to deliver top-tier service years after your initial investment. With Hofmann, you're not just buying equipment — you're purchasing a promise of enduring value.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Shop

Selecting the right wheel alignment system is a critical decision that affects your shop's efficiency and productivity. A fitting model caters to your space availability, accommodates your technicians' skill level, and matches your shop's service volume.

Selecting the Perfect Fit for Your Shop Space

Selecting a model that fits your shop's physical size ensures maximum functionality and a comfortable workspace for your technicians. Regardless of your shop's size, Hofmann has a wheel alignment model to perfectly fit your space.

For smaller shops, our compact geoliner 609 is an excellent option, delivering accurate alignments while optimizing your workspace efficiency. Conversely, larger shops might prefer the expansive geoliner 770, which offers advanced features and can accommodate most vehicles with ease.

Matching Your Skill Levels and Shop Volume

Your shop's service volume and your technicians' skills are also crucial considerations in choosing the right wheel alignment system. Choosing a model that matches your service demand and your team's skills ensures that your shop operates at peak efficiency without overwhelming your technicians.

If you're operating a high-volume shop with well-experienced technicians, the geoliner 678 is a smart choice, providing sophisticated technology for faster, more efficient alignments.

However, for lower volume repair shops or those with less-experienced technicians, the user-friendly geoliner 660 offers essential alignment functions without overwhelming complexity.

At Hofmann, we understand that every garage's needs are unique. That's why we offer a range of wheel alignment systems that are advanced, efficient, and user-friendly. Make an optimal choice and unlock your shop's potential for maximum productivity!


What should you consider when purchasing a wheel alignment machine?

Several factors should be considered when purchasing a wheel alignment machine:

  • Ease of use: The machine's user interface should be intuitive and straightforward to use, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete an alignment.
  • Compatibility: The machine should be compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models.
  • Size and layout of your workshop: Depending on the space you have available, you may need a compact machine or one that can be easily moved around.
  • Technology: Advanced features such as live readings, automatic camera tracking, and error detection systems can make the alignment process more efficient and accurate.
  • Training and support: Look for a manufacturer that offers comprehensive training and ongoing technical support.

Can I use Hofmann wheel aligners with any type of lift?

Yes, our wheel aligners can be used with most types of lifts. However, it's always best to consult the product's user manual or contact Hofmann's customer support to ensure compatibility with your specific lift model when performing alignment services.

What does it mean to be OEM approved?

Being OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved means the wheel alignment machine has been officially approved by vehicle manufacturers. This approval indicates that the machine meets the manufacturers' stringent standards for accuracy and performance.

How do caster, camber, and toe affect tire wear?

Caster, camber, and toe are alignment measurements that greatly affect tire wear:

  • Caster is the angle of the steering axis. Improper caster can cause loose or hard steering, leading to uneven tire wear.
  • Camber is the vertical tilt of the wheel. Incorrect camber can lead to wear on one side of the tire.
  • Toe is the direction the tires are pointed compared to the centreline of the vehicle. If the tires "toe-in" or "toe-out" too much, it can lead to rapid tire wear.