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geodyna 7850 2p wheel balancer
geodyna Series

geodyna® 7850-2P

Car Wheel Balancer with Touchscreen

Incorporating the most sophisticated diagnostic solutions obtainable, the fully-automatic geodyna® 7850-2P wheel balancing system by Hofmann® is purposefully engineered to cater to tyre establishments handling substantial volumes. Showcasing a 19-inch touchscreen monitor strategically positioned above the wheel guard, it enhances ergonomic functionality by expertly guiding technicians through the comprehensive balancing procedure. Complementing this, an integrated wheel lift effectively diminishes the likelihood of technician fatigue. With its automatic non-contact data entry, the 7850-2P balancer promptly detects the spoke count and selects the appropriate balancing mode, rendering manual data entry unnecessary. Leveraging state-of-the-art easyWeight™ technology, this balancer precisely determines the optimal weight placement location with laser-guided precision. Furthermore, our revolutionary Split Weight Mode empowers users to balance high-performance wheels while discreetly concealing the weights behind the spokes, preserving the wheel's visual appeal. To ensure unmatched usability, performance, and precision, the geodyna® 7850-2P emerges as the wheel balancer of choice.

automatic data entry for wheel aligner
Eliminating the need for manual input, this intelligent machine automatically detects wheel dimensions and selects the appropriate balancing mode, weight type, and weight position. This automation accelerates the balancing cycle, reduces operational errors, and enhances efficiency.
auto spoke detection for wheel balancer
Leveraging a laser scanner, this advanced system autonomously identifies the precise number and position of rim spokes. Consequently, the system provides guidance for optimal weight placement behind the spokes, enabling the use of split weights for precise balancing.
easy weight
Streamlining weight placement, this precision-focused system eliminates the guesswork. It employs a laser to precisely indicate the exact location for weight application, ensuring meticulous balancing and accurate results.
power clamp for wheel aligner
Utilising advanced electromechanical technology, this balancer incorporates a power clamping device that consistently and reliably secures the wheel with a constant force. This ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatable results every time.
semi-auto data collection for wheel balancer
Equipped with a user-friendly gauge arm, this system facilitates data entry with easyALU™ assisted rim measurement technology. Technicians simply touch the rim with the gauge arm, and the system automatically enters the rim dimensions and selects the appropriate weight-balancing mode.
split weight mode for wheel balancer
This feature ensures accurate balancing and discreet weight concealment behind spokes, maintaining wheel aesthetic appeal and visual presentation.
stop in position feature of wheel aligner
By simply touching the screen, users can prompt the system to automatically rotate the wheel to the precise position for weight application. This convenient feature streamlines the process and enhances operational efficiency.
75"x39"x53" | 190x100x136cm
Dimensions HxWxL
20" | 51cm
Max. Rim Width
42" | 107cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
154 lbs. | 70 kg
Max. Wheel Weight
230V 50/60Hz
Power Supply

GEODYNA® 7800-2P

The wheel balancer for garages, car dealerships, tyre shops and premium workshops with high tyre service volume. With touchscreen monitor, automatic non-contact data entry and easyWeight pinpoint indicator light – An accurate, fast and easy solution to position adhesive weights on the wheel.