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monty 4400 heavy duty tire changer

monty® 4400


The monty® 4400 tyre changer from Hofmann® can handle large, heavy-duty commercial tyres with ease. Specially designed to service heavy-duty truck, tractor, and OTR wheel assemblies of up to 90 inches in maximum diameter, this powerhouse tyre changer can securely clamp rims with diameters of 44 inches or 56 inches using optional extensions, further expanding its versatility and efficiency in challenging jobs. The chuck is equipped with a non-return valve to prioritize operator safety and safeguard against accidental openings in the event of a sudden drop in hydraulic pressure, while the mobile control unit enables a single technician to efficiently and safely monitor all tyre-changing operations from a remote location. With its robust design and intelligent features, the monty® 4400 has come out as the ideal solution for tyre-changing services performed on heavy-duty wheels and tyres, ensuring reliability even in the most demanding situations.

bead breaker for monty 4400 heavy duty tire changer
This system is equipped with a comprehensive tilting system that facilitates the process of breaking the bead, ensuring optimal positioning of the disk.
mobile control unit for heavy duty tire changer
Mobile Control Unit
A single technician can oversee all Tyre changing operations safely and from a distance while Utilising the wired remote control console, efficiently boosting productivity in the process.
non-return valve for heavy duty tire changer
Non-Return Valve
This feature allows the chuck to always remain under pressure and to avoid the rim from slipping.
14”-44” | 36-111.7cm
Rim Clamping Range
43” | 110cm
Max. Tyre Width
90.5” | 230cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
3,300 lbs. | 1,500 kg
Max. Wheel Weight
208V 3ph 60Hz
Power Supply
63”x117”x 81” | 160x297x206cm
Dimensions HxWxD