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Rims and tyres are among the parts of a vehicle that undergo the most stress. They need to last for a long time, on all kind of road surfaces and in all weathers. Wheel balance must therefore be carefully checked every time the tyres are changed.

Hofmann’s professional balancers for tyre dealers, shops and garages meet all kinds of needs, from sports cars to heavy-duty trucks. They help make tyre rotation uniform at all speeds; in little time, they eliminate steering wheel vibrations which are potentially harmful for mechanic components and prevent tyre treads from wearing unevenly.

All Hofmann balancers are easy, quick and safe to use and they are also hard-wearing. They feature the most advanced diagnostic solutions available, 3D laser cameras and touch screen monitors, leading to high productivity and precise balancing even when processing high volumes of tyres.

geodyna Series


Experience the Exceptional Benefits of Hofmann Wheel Balancers

Having the right wheel service equipment can make all the difference in your automotive business. Meticulously designed, Hofmann machines aren’t just functional, they are drivers for success, increasing productivity, safety, and profit margins.

A Tailored Solution for Every Garage's Unique Requirements

Every workshop is unique, and so are its requirements. Understanding this, we present an extensive range of wheel balancing machines, each carefully engineered to meet the needs of your shop. We have it all, from our fully automatic, high-volume diagnostic balancers, designed for bustling, high-volume tire shops, to our classic static models, which offer cost-effective performance without sacrificing quality.

For workshops that need a versatile, adaptable solution, our dynamic variants offer both functionality and simplicity. We also haven't overlooked businesses with limited space but have high-performance goals. We offer compact models that deliver optimum results without requiring excessive room.

We also cater to specialized requirements. For heavy-duty truck specialists, our robust and hard-wearing balancers ensure that even the most challenging wheels can be balanced with precision. Hofmann’s solutions are tailored to meet your shop’s specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit between your operations and the equipment you use.

Unrivaled Accuracy Meets User-Friendliness

When it comes to wheel balancing, reliability and consistency are key. Each of our wheel balancers are designed to deliver perfect balance time and time again. That said, our commitment to reliability does not compromise on user-friendliness. We believe precision should be accessible and straightforward.

Dispelling the notion that precision comes with complexity, our wheel balancers boast user interfaces that are as intuitive as they are effective. Technicians, whether experienced or new to the field, can operate our machines effortlessly, ensuring precise outcomes at every turn.

The clear, easy-to-follow prompts reduce the learning curve, enabling your technicians to get up and running quickly. Additionally, we design our products to be smooth and easy to operate, reducing fatigue and allowing your team to work more effectively. With unparalleled accuracy and user-friendly operations, Hofmann promotes efficient workshop processes, leading to superior customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Key Features of Hofmann Wheel Balancers

As a result of relentless research and unwavering commitment to excellence, our wheel balancers include a suite of revolutionary features to improve your service capabilities and streamline operations. From enhancing accuracy to ensuring user-friendly interactions, these features distinguish Hofmann as the premiere automotive equipment manufacturer.

Touchscreen Interface

The Hofmann tire balancer's touchscreen interface revolutionizes user interaction. It brings speed, clarity, and ease-of-use into your workshop, allowing even the most inexperienced technicians to operate with confidence.

Precision Laser-Assisted Weight Placement (easyWeight™)

Groundbreaking easyWeight™ technology from Hofmann introduces precision-guided laser placement. This technology pinpoints the precise spot for wheel weight placement, ensuring superior accuracy in every balancing operation.

Automatic Spoke Detection

Our wheel balancers automatically identify the number and position of rim spokes for the perfect placement of weights.

Split Weight Capability

Wheel balancers from Hofmann allow the placement of adhesive weights behind two adjacent spokes, making them invisible from the outside. This feature ensures optimal balance without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the wheel.

Automatic Wheel Clamp (Power Clamp™)

The patented Power Clamp™ system delivers absolute wheel security during the balancing process. By automatically clamping the wheel with consistent force, the system enhances accuracy in weight placement and balance.

Automatic Wheel Data Entry

Efficiency and accuracy meet in Hofmann's automatic wheel data entry. By automating data entry, technicians can focus on what really matters: providing the highest quality service to your customers.

Automatic Wheel Stop for Weight Placement

Wheel balancers from Hofmann come equipped with an automatic wheel stop. No manual data entry is required; this feature automatically detects the wheel dimensions and selects the proper balancing mode, weight type, and weight position, speeding up the balancing cycle time and minimizing operational errors.

LED Wheel Lighting

Hofmann balancers feature LED wheel lighting, bringing clarity to every procedure. It's easier to apply weights accurately and effectively when every detail is illuminated, improving the quality and efficiency of your services.

EZ-Collets Mobile App

In a world where mobile technology is key, the EZ-Collets Mobile App offers quick access to essential wheel data. It's the cutting-edge tool your workshop needs to stay ahead in a competitive market.


What should you consider when buying a wheel balancer?

When purchasing a wheel balancer, it's important to consider your tire shop's specific needs. This includes the volume of work, the type of vehicles you frequently service, and the amount of space you have available. Additionally, consider the balancer's accuracy, ease-of-use, and the level of after-sales support provided by the manufacturer.

What is the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing serve different purposes. Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure proper road contact. Wheel balancing ensures that the wheel rotates evenly. Both are crucial for a smooth ride and prolonged tire life.

What types of wheels can I balance?

Hofmann wheel balancing machines are designed to accommodate a variety of wheel types. Whether you're working with passenger car wheels, light truck wheels, heavy-duty vehicle wheels, custom wheels, or even super-singles, Hofmann has a wheel balancing solution for you. The versatility of our machines ensures that you can deliver excellent service to a wide range of customers.

Can Hofmann Wheel Balancers handle different rim materials?

Yes, Hofmann wheel balancers are capable of handling wheels made from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and alloy. Our balancers' advanced features ensure precise and careful handling, regardless of the rim material.

What training is required to operate a Hofmann wheel balancer?

While Hofmann wheel balancers are designed for simplicity, basic training is beneficial to fully understand the machine's features and to get the best results. Training typically involves learning the machine's functionalities, understanding safety procedures, and hands-on practice to achieve perfect balance. Hofmann offers training centers around the world, all customized to suit the needs of the candidates.