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monty 5800wl tire changer

monty® 5800WL

Heavy-Duty Truck Tyre Changer

The monty® 5800WL by Hofmann® is a professional-grade Tyre changing machine designed for heavy-duty machinery, including off-road vehicles, skidders, commercial trucks, and tractors. It can accommodate Tyres up to 92 inches in diameter and wheels with a maximum width of 58 inches. The machine features powerful hydraulic cylinders that drive both the mounting tool and bead breaker, ensuring efficient and precise Tyre-changing operations. It features a self-centreing, four-jaw, two-speed mechanism that provides the capability to position the wheel and mounting tool accurately across a broad adjustment range. For challenging Tyre-changing applications requiring absolute precision and reliable results, the monty® 5800WL stands ready to do the job.

adjustable mounting tool for a heavy duty tire changer
Adjustable Mounting Tool
Equipped with a bead-breaker disk and lever tool, the versatile mount/demount tool features a 180° rotational capacity, enabling seamless operations on both sides of the Tyre.
chuck for heavy duty tire changers
The robust construction of this feature enables it to accommodate wheels weighing up to 3,300 pounds (1,500 kg).
extremely wide clamping range for heavy duty tire changer
With an expansive clamping range of 14 to 58 inches, even without extensions, elongated jaws can easily accommodate rims with substantial offset.
mobile control unit for heavy duty tire changer
Mobile Control Unit
A single technician can safely oversee all tyre changing operations from a distance while Utilising the wired remote control console, efficiently boosting productivity in the process.
non-return valve for heavy duty tire changer
Non-Return Valve
This feature allows the chuck to always remain under pressure and to avoid the rim from slipping.
preset tool carriage for heavy duty tire changer
Preset Tool Carriage
Moving from right to left, the mount/demount tool carries out even the most challenging bead-breaking and mount/demount procedures with effortless efficiency.
14”-58” | 36-147cm
Rim Clamping Range
59” | 150cm
Max. Tyre Width
98.5” | 250cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
Max. Wheel Weight
230V 3Ph 60Hz
Power Supply
79”x 167”x 83” | 201x424x211cm
Dimensions HxWxD

EEWH731ABU1 monty® 5800B no wcu
6028212 monty® 5800BA no wcu, swing-arm