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monty® quadriga 1 GP

Automatic Tyre Changer

The Quadriga 1 GP from Hofmann® is an advanced solution that incorporates both automation and cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal results with minimal effort. It was purposefully engineered to address daily challenges through automated procedures, while enabling technicians to maintain complete control throughout the Tyre-changing process. Utilising state-of-the-art technology to automatically measure Tyre diameter, the Quadriga 1 GP accurately profiles the wheel during Tyre positioning for hydraulically-driven dual bead breaking, then removes the Tyre from the wheel using precision motor controls. With five distinct operating programmes, shops have the flexibility to tailor their mounting and demounting methods to specific needs. They can choose from fully-manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated modes for UHP, run-flat, soft, or hard sidewalls, facilitating safe and efficient operations without compromising accuracy. With an integrate wheel lift, it significantly reduce the risks of wheel damage, technician fatigue, and potential injuries.

quadriga auto mount and demount feature
Automatic Mounting/Demounting Cycle
This feature streamlines and expedites all mounting and demounting procedures, automating the process for nearly any type of Tyre.
This design offers an array of essential benefits, with paramount importance placed on the significant reduction of potential wheel damage, as well as reduced clamping constraint in contrast to the turntable design.
quadriga dynamic bead breaker
Dynamic Bead Breaker
The precisely controlled synchronised dual-disk system accurately positions both the upper and lower beads while minimising the chance of wheel damage. Includes an adjustable tilt for tyres with stiff sidewall.
quadriga leverless tool feature
Leverless Tool
Featuring an enhanced steel composition with reinforced wheel safeguarding, this premium leverless mounting and demounting tool facilitates the Tyre-changing process with even the most challenging tyres.
pneumatic wheel lift for a tire changer
Pneumatic Wheel Lift
Utilising pneumatic power, the pedal-operated wheel lift facilitates the lifting of heavy wheels, effectively minimising technician fatigue and boosting overall productivity.
bead seater for tire changer
Top-Side Bead Seater
This ergonomically-designed precision tool injects a forceful blast of compressed air into the Tyre, swiftly elevating the Tyre bead and seamlessly sealing it onto the rim. With an airtight connection secured, this innovative nozzle is a sophisticated approach to maintaining the integrity of the Tyre-rim interface.
quadriga wheel tyre laser
Wheel and Tyre Laser Profiling
Employing automated laser measurement of the wheel's profiling ensures precise tool positioning, speeding the process of Tyre removal and installation while minimising the risk of damage.
17" | 43cm
Max. Tyre Width
47" | 119cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
230V 1ph 50-60Hz 16A
Power Supply
88"x73"x51" | 224x185x135cm
Dimensions HxWxD
116-174 PSI | 8-12 bar
Air Pressure Required
30" | 76cm
Max. Rim Diameter
16" | 40.5cm
Max. Rim Width

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