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12k 4-post vehicle lift
Four-Post Alignment Lift

12k Four-Post

Four-Post Alignment Lift

The versatile 12k 4-Post alignment lifts provide an impressive lifting capacity of 12,000 pounds within a compact and exceptionally stable lift configuration, eliminating the necessity for employing multiple lifts. Whether the task at hand involves accommodating a diminutive microcar or a robust heavy-duty pickup truck, the 12k 4-Post alignment lift stands prepared with its comprehensive four-wheel alignment capabilities that adeptly cater to the diverse spectrum of vehicular demands.

adjustable turn plate pocket 12k 4-post
Adjustable Turn Plate Pocket
Effortlessly service vehicles of diverse wheelbases with user-friendly, adjustable turn plate pockets.
ali certified
ALI Certified
Our lifts are certified in accordance with the requirements of the Automotive Lift Institute’s ETL Certification Program.
closed-front crossbeam 12k 4-post
Closed-Front Cross Beam
Enhance your work efficiency, and reduce concerns with the addition of a closed-front cross beam, reinforcing the structural integrity of the lift for heightened stability.
longer slip plates 12k 4-post
Longer Slip Plates
To minimize maintenance requirements, the rear slip plates employ oversized, encapsulated bearings that move upward, eliminating the need to reposition front turn plates.
low profile 12k 4-post
Low Profile
With ultra-low-profile, 8-inch runways, this unit provides an easy-on approach angle that is especially favorable to low-profile vehicles.
slack cable retention system 12k 4-post
Slack Cable Retention System
Eliminate concerns about cable maintenance and excessive slack with our innovative slack cable retention system, which effectively manages cable slack even while the lift is securely locked.
small footprint 12k 4-post
Small Footprint
Efficiently maximize the potential of your work area with a space-efficient footprint that’s compact in size but provides a substantial lifting capacity.
90-120 PSI | 6-8 BAR
Air Supply Required
Closed Front
12,000 lbs. | 5,443 kg
Lifting Capacity
74 seconds
Lifting Time
78" |198cm
Max. Lifting Height
12'x24' | 366x732cm
Minimum Recommended Bay Size WxL
91" | 231cm
Overall Height
135" | 342cm
Overall Width
208-230V 60Hz 1Ph 30A 2HP / 1.5kW
Power Supply
3,307 lbs. | 1,500 kg
Shipping Weight

Part Number