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Heavy-Duty Tire Changers

Discover our selection of heavy-duty tire changers, designed to meet the needs of demanding tire servicing tasks for trucks, commercial, off-road, and agricultural vehicles. These machines are engineered to accommodate large and challenging tires with excessive wheel weight, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Hofmann Heavy-Duty Tire Changers

Our line of comprehensive tire equipment offers complete wheel service coverage for heavy-duty tires. These essential pieces of shop equipment ensure that businesses can efficiently service trucks and most other large vehicles they encounter. With such capable specifications, our tire changers are essential tools for maintaining the safety and reliability of heavy-duty vehicles.

The monty® 5800B Heavy-Duty Tire Changer leads the way, servicing tires up to 92 inches in diameter and a max tire width of 58 inches, with a clamping range of 14 to 58 inches. This allows it to handle the largest of commercial and agricultural tires with ease.

Next is the monty® 4400 Heavy-Duty Tire Changer, which handles a maximum tire diameter of up to 90 inches and offers a clamping range of 14 to 44 inches, enhanced by optional extensions.

The monty® 3850 Truck Tire Changer is ideal for wheels up to 59 inches in tire diameter with a clamping range of 14 to 26 inches, covering a broad spectrum of commercial vehicle tires.