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15k 4-post car and truck lift
Four-Post Alignment Lift

15K Four-Post

Four-Post Alignment Lift

The Hofmann® 15k 4-Post alignment lift is engineered for the demands of the modern automotive service industry. It stands out as a pinnacle of accommodation, accessibility, and comprehensive equipment. With its durable construction ensuring both durability and function, the 15k 4-Post alignment lift is ready to meet the elevated standards of professional-grade lifting.

ali certified
ALI Certified
Our lifts are certified in accordance with the requirements of the Automotive Lift Institute’s ETL Certification Program.
drive-through option
Drive-Through Option
Enhance your lift's functionality by adding an additional set of ramps, enabling vehicles to exit from the front without the need for reverse maneuvering.
enhanced rear slip plates 15k 4-post
Enhanced Rear Slip Plates
Extra-long 100-inch rear slip plates enhance 4-wheel alignment for a range of wheelbases, with a flush-mount design and Delrin® polymer ball-transfer units for low-maintenance, high-performance operation.
15k 4 -post
Galvanized Runways (Optional)
Upgrade the runways, jack rails, turn plate pockets & slip plate pockets to a galvanized coating to greatly extend the life of the lift.
locked & lighted 15k 4-post
Locked & Lighted
Enhance visibility in alignment adjustment and calibration areas with strategically positioned lighting. Front LEDs, integrated into the front turnplate base, effortlessly adapt to different vehicle wheel track widths, while rear LEDs are shrewdly situated on the rear slip plates for optimal illumination. Locking components are constructed from materials resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability. You can simplify the locking control activation process directly from the lift console to reduce the need for additional efforts when resetting alignment pins on plates.
low-profile rolling jacks 15k 4-post
Low-Profile Rolling Jacks
Our jack beam is a versatile tool with extended-reach lifting arms, a substantial lifting stroke, and low drive-over height. Able to collapse and retract within runways, it features a resilient roller system, high-grade springs to facilitate smooth settling on the rail, and durable arm pads made from robust urethane material with reinforced steel edges.
open-front cross beam 15k 4-post
Open-Front Cross Beam
This lift's configuration offers seamless accessibility to service zones, streamlining the process of adjustments and repairs. Additionally, the foldable 4-inch front wheel stops, meeting the rigorous ALI standards, cater to ultra-low profile and extended-length vehicles.
pro-style runways 15k 4-post
Pro-Style Runways
Utilizing a state-of-the-art 26-inch wide runway, this lift can effortlessly accommodate wide-track vehicles. Additionally, it simplifies the handling of low-profile vehicles by incorporating an "easy-on" ramp and lowered 8-inch height, ensuring seamless access and utmost convenience.
wider rear column clearance 15k 4-post
Wider Rear Column Clearance
Experience the convenience of generously proportioned rear columns, offering an expansive 120 inches of drive-on clearance and a substantial 125 inches of body clearance. The 15k 4-Post lift ensures effortless drive-on access, even for heavy-duty dual-wheel trucks.
15,000 lbs. | 6,804 kg
Lifting Capacity
85 seconds
Lifting Time
78" |198cm
Max. Lifting Height
14'x26' | 427x792cm
Minimum Recommended Bay Size WxL Extended
14'x24' | 427x732cm
Minimum Recommended Bay Size WxL Standard
99" | 251cm
Overall Height
142" | 361cm
Overall Width
208-230V 60Hz 1Ph 30A 3HP / 2.2kW
Power Supply
4,550 lbs. | 2,046 kg
Shipping Weight Extended
4,350 lbs. | 1,973 kg
Shipping Weight Standard
90-120 PSI | 6-8 BAR
Air Supply Required
Open Front


Extended length


Extended length Galvanized


Extended length - Lights & Locking Kit


Extended length - Lights & Locking Kit Galvanized


Standard length


Standard length Galvanized


Standard length - Lights & Locking Kit


Standard length - Lights & Locking Kit Galvanized