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16k 2-post car and truck lift
Two-Post Automotive Lift

16K Two-Post

Two-Post Automotive Lift

The Hofmann® 16k 2-Post lift offers an impressive lifting capability of up to 16,000 pounds, empowering technicians to effortlessly elevate even the most substantial vehicles. Its engineering prowess distinguishes the 16k 2-Post lift as an indispensable resource for shops that routinely undertake the maintenance and servicing of large or heavy-duty vehicles.

adjustable height extension
Adjustable Height Extension
Facilitating the efficient handling of higher-profile vehicles, the adjustable column height maximizes workspace under vehicles for increased service capability and technician safety.
20k 2-post
Air & Electric Workstation (Optional)
Delivering electricity and air directly to the lift column ensures ultimate convenience for technicians.
ali certified
ALI Certified
Our lifts are certified in accordance with the requirements of the Automotive Lift Institute’s ETL Certification Program.
fast rise time
Fast Rise Time
Minimize the time spent lifting vehicles, and speed up the whole process with industry-leading rise times.
low-profile urethane pads
Low-Profile Urethane Pads
With minimal maintenance required, low-profile urethane pads are designed for durability and longevity, accommodating a variety of lifting points recommended by OEMs.
16k 2-post
Three-Stage Front & Rear Arms
With our user-friendly three-stage asymmetric front and rear arms, you can accommodate a wide range of vehicles, increasing shop efficiency.
versatile installation options
Versatile Installation Options
Installation options are convenient and versatile, with three height and width choices: 13.5-foot, 14-foot, or 14.5-foot height installation, and 10-foot, 10.5-foot, or 11-foot width installation.
155"/161"/167" | 394/409/424cm
Overall Width
208-230V 60Hz 3HP / 2.2kW
Power Supply
2,500 lbs. | 1,134 kg
Shipping Weight Extended
2,500 lbs. | 1,134 kg
Shipping Weight Standard
90-120 PSI | 6-8 bar
Air Supply Required
16,000 lbs. | 7,257 kg
Lifting Capacity
62 seconds
Lifting Time
76"-82" | 193-208cm
Max. Lifting Height
15'x28' | 457x853cm
Minimum Recommended Bay Size WxL Extended
15'x28' | 457x853cm
Minimum Recommended Bay Size WxL Standard
186"/192"/198" | 472/488/503cm
Overall Height Extended
162"/168"/174" | 411/427/442cm
Overall Height Standard