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geoliner 795 drive thru wheel aligner

geoliner® 795

Wireless Audit Wheel Alignment System

The geoliner® 795 Wireless Audit Wheel Alignment System from Hofmann is the ideal drive-through solution, and its compact design makes it easy to move throughout your shop.  In less than 60 seconds, you can perform an alignment audit, thanks to the high-resolution digital XD camera system, bluetooth communication and a 22-inch wide-screen monitor that clearly displays  the Pro42 user software. The geoliner 795 is so simple to operate that you don't need a lift or even an alignment professional to run precise audits. Automatic printed summaries of alignment measurements are easy to read and help customers understand the need for adjustments according to OEM specifications.

AC400 wheel clamp
AC400 Clamps
Using optimal force, the clamp attaches to the tire without contacting the rim, providing safe, speedy and uniform clamping operation.
audit mode
Audit Mode
Perform a fast verification of the vehicle condition by measuring the front and rear toe, track width, camber, wheelbase, wheel diameter and cross dimensions. This will help identify any alignment problems so you can sell more services and keep your aligner operating at full-capacity to increase your shop’s revenue.
auto camera tracking
Auto Camera Tracking
Camera tracking is done automatically, eliminating the need for readjusting the camera after the lift has been raised. Simultaneously, a third camera performs continuous calibration to maintain maximum precision.
cloud service
Cloud Services
Save information to a secure cloud server and access reports remotely to send to customers via email or to print from anywhere in the shop.
drive through wheel aligner
Drive-Through Design
Allowing technicians to set the towers apart at an optimal distance enables the dual-tower design to handle vehicles with larger frames, while freeing up space in front to conduct other operations such as ADAS calibration.
camera pods for a wheel aligner
Designed to withstand rigorous use, the revolutionary balancing weight feature keeps these impact-resistant pods level at all times.
mobility kit
Our optional mobility kit allows shops greater flexibility by mounting the cross beam to the cabinet allowing technicians to relocate the system freely around the shop.
advanced notification system
Notification System
Our smart notification system maximizes efficiency and accuracy by automatically identifying and fixing issues like suspension stress or environmental errors, which only requires a technician's intervention when more information is needed to take different corrective action.
OEM procedures
Advanced software offers instant access to real-time aftermarket OEM recommended adjustments and repair information, as well as the correct clamps required for a precise, OEM-specified wheel alignment service.
24" TFT
230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Power supply
1219 - 2438 mm
Track Width
19"-39" | 48-99cm
Diámetro del neumático (AC400)
2007 - 4572 mm