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automated test lane
Test Lane


Class IV and Class VII, Four Post And Scissor Lifts

Revolutionise MOT Testing Efficiency with Hofmann® DVSA-Approved Automated Test Lane

The Hofmann® automated test lane is a DVSA-approved system designed for one-person MOT testing, enhancing productivity. It covers class IV and VII vehicles, with optional class I, II, III, and class VL testing capabilities. At its core is the geogas 6000 link, featuring a large 27-inch monitor and user-friendly Windows-based software that requires minimal training. Test procedures can be manual or fully automatic.

The geogas 6000 link offers wireless smoke head, RPM, and oil temperature measurement functions, along with a ripple/battery measurement feature. Additionally, it includes a wireless EOBD RPM and oil temperature trigger device for diesel testing, enabling wireless transmission of RPM and oil temperature readings from the vehicle's EOBD port. This method is officially approved for triggering the smoke head, resulting in official smoke readings. The brake rollers are corrosion-resistant with dimpled rollers for improved wet tyre grip. A 4-post lift with rear slip plates and turnplates is available, with a choice of platform lengths. Hofmann® ensures a rigorous 66-point check procedure before dispatch and offers scissor lift options.

This comprehensive automated test lane system ensures efficient one-person MOT testing, backed by user-friendly technology and a commitment to top-notch quality and service.


Geogas 6000 Link Emissions Analyser:
The Geogas 6000 link emissions analyser stands out for its precision and user-friendliness, thanks to its large screen. This feature enables accurate emissions analysis, making it a valuable tool for vehicle testing and compliance.

Lift with Integral Play Detector:
The integrated play detector is a crucial component that enhances the thoroughness of vehicle examinations by identifying any excessive play or movement in vital components like steering and suspension systems, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation for safety and performance standards in MOT testing.

Bearing Radius Plates:
This product features bearing radius plates that enhance the precision of vehicle testing and diagnostics, ensuring accurate assessments for brake, suspension, and overall vehicle performance.

Jacking Beam:
A versatile jacking beam efficiently lifts vehicles for comprehensive inspections, offering access to the underside for various tests. It's designed for adaptability to different vehicle types, prioritises safety with features to prevent accidental lowering, and is an essential component in ensuring efficient and secure vehicle assessments.

Roller Brake Tester:
Integrated with user-friendly PC software, this feature streamlines the testing process, minimises human error, and facilitates efficient data recording and reporting, making it a valuable tool for ensuring vehicle safety and compliance.

Brake Roller Cover Plates:
Designed to provide a stable and uniform surface for brake testing, this feature ensures consistent and accurate results while enhancing safety by reducing the risk of slippage during testing.

Rail-Mounted Headlight Beam Setter:
A sophisticated tool designed for precise headlight alignment, this feature improves nighttime visibility and reduced glare for road users. Its rail-mounted design is crucial for stable adjustments, user-friendly controls, and real-time feedback capabilities.

Easy Upgrade to Include Class I and II Tests:
Offering flexibility and future-proofing, this feature allows shops to adapt to changing test requirements without the need for complex reconfiguration, saving time and resources while ensuring ongoing efficiency.