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MOT ancillary pack

Accessories For Your Mot Bay

MOT Ancillary Pack from Hofmann®: Elevate Your MOT Bay Operations

Enhance the capabilities of your MOT bay with the comprehensive MOT Ancillary Pack from Hofmann®, offering an array of essential tools and accessories engineered for efficient testing and meticulous assessment. For precise measurements, improved visibility, safety enhancements, and efficient documentation, this pack fulfils all these requirements and more. The tools will integrate seamlessly with your existing MOT bay infrastructure, establishing a solid foundation for meticulous assessments while providing strong support to the dedicated automotive professionals who ensure the industry's smooth operation.


Decelerometer Brake Tester: 
This essential tool facilitates precise brake testing, ensuring accurate and reliable results during MOT inspections.

Cordless LED Hand Lamp:
 Illuminate inspection areas with the cordless LED hand lamp, ensuring a well-lit workspace for thorough assessments.

Autodata 3 Pack: 
Access valuable automotive data and resources with the Autodata 3 Pack, assisting in accurate vehicle information retrieval.

H/D Rubber Wheel Chocks (Pair): 
Ensure safety during testing with heavy-duty rubber wheel chocks, effectively preventing vehicle movement.

Shadow Panel with All Tools: 
Organise your workspace efficiently with the shadow panel, featuring designated spaces for your tools, keeping everything within easy reach.

Trailer Socket Tester: 
Detect and address trailer socket issues effectively with the trailer socket tester, ensuring trailer connections are secure and functional.

Precision Tyre Assessment Instruments:
Tyre Tread Width and Depth Gauges - Ensure accurate tyre measurements, both essential elements of vehicle safety checks; Tyre Pressure Gauge- Maintain precise tyre pressure measurements, a critical aspect of vehicle safety;  5m Steel Tape - Accurately measure various components for precise assessments; 30in Tyre Lever - Simplify tyre-related tasks, making tyre removal and installation more manageable;  Rolling Head Pry Bar - This tool is helpful when performing various tasks, providing versatility and ease of use during inspections.

Maintenance and Inspection Tools:
Wire Scratch Brush - Keep surfaces clean and free from debris using the wire scratch brush, promoting a tidy workspace; Corrosion Assessment Tool - Ensure thorough corrosion assessments with the corrosion assessment tool, enhancing safety and vehicle longevity; Leak Spray - Quickly identify leaks and potential issues with this leak spray, a valuable tool for comprehensive inspections.

Bay Safety and Organisation Essentials:
MOT Notice Board - Stay Organised and informed with the included MOT notice board, providing a dedicated space for important updates and notices; MOT Sign Pack - Comply with regulations and enhance safety by utilising the MOT sign pack, featuring essential signage for your MOT bay;  Lift Sticker 'Wheel Chock Must Be Used' - Promote safety measures, enhancing awareness in the MOT bay; Large Yellow Wax Markers (Box of 10) - Mark and label vehicles clearly with the, assisting in documentation and assessment; Windscreen Damage Template - Quickly identify and assess windscreen damage with the included template, streamlining the inspection process.