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geogas 6000 Link

Emissions Analyser

The geogas 6000 Link from Hofmann®: Precision, Efficiency, and Revenue in One!

Introducing the Hofmann® geogas 6000 Link, a cutting-edge diagnostic gas analyser and emissions platform meticulously designed for modern workshops. This multifunctional tool prioritises speed and reliability, streamlining MOT testing operations and uncovering revenue opportunities beyond the MOT bay. Equipped with a rapid warm-up feature, ergonomically accessible filters, DVSA website link, efficient service and support, and unique water trap technology, the geogas 6000 link ensures peak performance. 

The modern operating system and intuitive user interface enhance user-friendliness, while seamless DVSA integration, Snap-on IOT Manager Software and connected decelerometer software simplify processes. With wireless connectivity options, automatic fault reporting, and a familiar interface, it's a versatile solution. The large 27" display, Wi-Fi oil temperature device, OBD health check, and wireless emissions modules offer added value. Plus, its space-efficient design, compliance with connected emissions regulation, and remote control functionality make it an exceptional addition to contemporary workshops.


Accessible Filters:
The geogas 6000 link features accessible filters conveniently positioned for easy maintenance.

Large 27" Display: 
The extra-large widescreen display makes the geogas 6000 link ideal for bays where the emissions machine isn't near the testing area, enhancing accessibility.

Water Trap Technology:
This machine incorporates a unique water trap feature that safeguards against moisture, ensuring unlimited water handling capacity.

Snap-on IOT Manager Software:
Link your equipment to the DVSA's MOT Testing System, streamlining operations and reducing the learning curve.

Wireless Connectivity Options: 
Choose from Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for reliable wireless connectivity even in environments with interference.

Automatic Fault Reporting:
The geogas 6000 link features automatic fault reporting to Snap-on product support, ensuring faster issue resolution and reducing downtime.

Quick Access Links: 
Simplify navigation by directly accessing garage software and automotive systems from the desktop, streamlining workflow and information retrieval.

Wi-Fi Oil Temperature Device:
Pre-OBD vehicles benefit from the standard inclusion of a Wi-Fi oil temperature device, providing vital diagnostic data for a comprehensive vehicle assessment.

OBD Health Check: 
The OBD health check feature allows for the identification of potential vehicle issues and the immediate recommendation of necessary repairs during the testing process, ensuring vehicle safety and minimising future problems.

Wireless Emissions Modules: 
Enhance mobility and ease of use with the geogas 6000 link's battery-operated wireless emissions modules, reducing cable clutter and improving efficiency in the testing bay.