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jacking beam for MOT test lane
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Jacking Beam

Class IV, Class VII

Enhance Your Vehicle Service Experience with Jacking Beams from Hofmann®

Shops that include a jacking beam in their Hofmann® MOT bay can greatly enhance the convenience and accessibility of vehicle maintenance for collision repair technicians while using a lift. Two distinct jacking beam choices are available: a 2000kg version designed for class IV requirements and a robust 2800kg model suitable for class VII requirements. These jacking beams stand out due to their two-stage mechanical safety locking system and the incorporation of telescopic finger guards, designed to minimise the risk of harm to operators.

Additionally, these jacking beams feature spring-loaded flat arms equipped with roller bearings. When the beams are not carrying any load, they effortlessly support the entire apparatus, allowing for smooth movement along the service pit or car lift, and when they need to bear the weight of a vehicle, the jacking beams easily secure the unit in a stable and secure position.


Dual Hydraulic Pump: 
This innovative feature utilises a dual-acting mechanism that effectively reduces the effort required for lifting a vehicle, facilitating an enhanced ergonomic experience for the operator.

Custom Support Arms:
The jacking beams from Hofmann® feature specialised support arms designed for various lift types, including four-post, low-profile, scissor lift, and pit requirements, offering customised solutions.

Three-Position Locking System:
The integration of a flexible three-position mechanical locking system provides enhanced vehicle security and operational safety for collision repair technicians.

High-Rise Adaptors:
Hofmann® offers optional high-rise Adaptors for elevated lifting, maximising the versatility of the jacking beams and expanding the range of vehicles that can be accommodated.