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upgrade kit for testing motorcycles
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Motorcycle Upgrade

Expand Your Bay's Capabilities

Rev Up Your Workshop with the Motorcycle Upgrade from Hofmann®: Versatility Unleashed

To expand a collision repair shop's array of services and diversify its offerings, the motorcycle upgrade from Hofmann® presents an optimal solution. This innovative enhancement not only amplifies the bay's capabilities but also efficiently facilitates simultaneous repairs on both Class I and Class II vehicles. By incorporating this upgrade at the time of the initial bay purchase, workshop owners can elevate their operational versatility, increasing their ability to meet the demands of more customers while establishing them as a comprehensive hub for various vehicle maintenance and repair needs.


Brake Tester Software Upgrade: 
Enhance diagnostic capabilities, allowing precise brake testing and safety assessments on motorcycles.

Wheel Alignment Bars: 
Achieve unmatched accuracy in wheel alignment, simultaneously enhancing ride quality and safety during maintenance tasks with these meticulously designed bars from Hofmann®.

Motorcycle Stand: 
Ensure stability and easy access during maintenance and repair procedures with the use of this specially engineered motorcycle stand that offers a solid foundation for work while promoting safety in your workshop.

Optional Ancillary Pack: 
Expand your workshop's capabilities with this meticulously customised package of additional tools and accessories to provide unparallelled service to your diverse customer base.