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DSS 10

Wireless Smoke Meter

The Wireless DSS 10 Smoke Meter from Hofmann®: Your Diagnostic Information Hub

The Hofmann® DSS 10 Wireless Smoke Meter offers swift and precise diesel emissions testing, serving as a versatile tool for contemporary garages. It can seamlessly evolve into a diagnostic information centre, customised to the demands of modern workshops.

This wireless device ensures efficient testing of diesel emissions, and it conserves battery power through an automatic standby mode when not in use. Once returned to the charging station, it quickly warms up for immediate operation. Additionally, the Hofmann emissions platform, powered by a robust, industry-standard PC, enables the addition of various hardware and software options, elevating the wireless DSS 10 into a comprehensive diagnostic information centre, and enhancing the capabilities of the modern workshop.


Wireless Operation: 
The Hofmann DSS 10 Wireless Smoke Meter boasts seamless wireless functionality with an expansive operating range, ensuring versatility and convenience in testing environments.

DVSA Specifications: 
Designed to not only meet but surpass current DVSA specifications, the DSS 10 guarantees rigorous compliance with regulatory standards, elevating its reliability and accuracy.

Swift Autocalibration: 
This device offers fast autocalibration, eliminating the need for a protracted seven-day calibration process, and ensuring prompt readiness for emissions testing.

Smart Technology: 
The integration of intelligent technology guarantees rapid and consistent operation, delivering efficient performance on every testing occasion.

Testing Approval: 
The DSS 10 holds official approval for both Category A and B testing, encompassing the Remote Proactive Capture (RPC) test, reinforcing its versatility and suitability for a wide array of testing scenarios.

Fast-Charge Battery: 
The device features a long-lasting battery that also boasts rapid charging capabilities, ensuring prolonged use without lengthy downtimes.