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geoliner 320 wheel aligner
Fully Mobile

geoliner® 320

3D On-the-Car Wheel Aligner

Due to its mobile, compact design that eliminates alignment space barriers, the Hofmann® geoliner® 320 allows technicians to complete fast, accurate wheel alignments in a smaller area. The geoliner® 320 also comes with the software and features found in our conventional cross-beam alignment systems, so productivity is enhanced, while taking up less space to perform the alignment.

With the geoliner® 320, shops have a flexible alignment solution for precision service in a limited space, due to lift-mounted reference pods, camera pods, and XD wheel targets. Our exclusive quick-release clamps attach to almost any variety of lifts, and the geoliner® 320 requires no room in front of the lift to perform services.  

ac700 clamps for a wheel aligner
AC700 Clamps
With a lightweight and durable design, AC700 clamps have the capacity to easily accommodate rims that range from 11″-22″.
cloud service
Save information to a secure cloud server, and access reports remotely to send to customers via email or to print from anywhere in the shop.
Our sophisticated software makes it simple to measure toe angle swiftly and with a high degree of accuracy, enabling technicians to tilt the wheel -- even without a steering wheel holder -- to access difficult points of adjustment.
advanced notification system
Notification System
Our smart notification system maximises efficiency and accuracy by automatically identifying and fixing issues like suspension stress or environmental errors, which only requires a technician's intervention when more information is needed to take different corrective action.
rechargeable batteries for wheel aligner
Rechargeable Batteries
Built right into the cart, the innovative battery charger houses the batteries, charging them continuously when not in operation, so they are always primed for performance
small footprint
Small Footprint
Maximise your shop's floor space with a compact unit that offers storage for printers and targets while occupying minimal space.
110-240V 50/60Hz
Power supply
48″-96″ | 122-244cm
Track Width
60″-180″ | 152-457cm
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