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MOT Pit Lane

Standard, ATL, OPTL, Class IV, Class VII

Unlock Workshop Potential with the MOT Pit Lane from Hofmann® with DVSA-Approved Testing Excellence!

The Hofmann® MOT Pit Lane is a versatile solution for collision repair businesses looking to expand their service offerings to include MOT testing, even in workshops with height restrictions, without the need for significant structural modifications. It offers various configurations, including Standard, ATL, and OPTL setups, adaptability that simplifies the transition into MOT testing. Compatible with both Class IV and Class VII DVSA-approved testing stations, the MOT Pit Lane from Hofmann® can accommodate the unique demands of each business, making the expansion into comprehensive MOT testing an easy transition.


Height-Adaptive Design: 
The MOT Pit Lane's adaptable design is the ideal solution for workshops facing height restrictions, ensuring that even in limited space environments, MOT testing is possible without the need for extensive structural changes.

Configurational Versatility: 
Different configurations are available, including Standard, ATL, and OPTL, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the setup that best aligns with their specific needs and services.

DVSA-Approved Compatibility: 
Compatible with both Class IV and Class VII DVSA-approved testing stations, this equipment ensures compliance with rigorous standards.

Optional Enhancements: 
Optional features like Premium Turnplates can be added to enhance the system's functionality, providing businesses with flexibility to enhance the overall functionality and performance of the system.

Please note: The example image displays an optional double-sided play detector. This picture is for illustrative purposes only, and the product may undergo technical modifications. The prefabricated metal pit seen in the photo may only be obtained from a third-party supplier, incurring an extra cost. Additionally, the turnplates displayed in the image are Premium Turnplates and are not part of the standard package, but they are available as an optional addition.