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geoliner 680 XD wheel aligner
Cross Beam

geoliner® 680 XD LIFT AC400

3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology

The geoliner® 680 XD wheel aligner's sophisticated software can be easily customised to the alignment procedure, so it works with both traditional and modified vehicle designs, seamlessly integrating with your shop’s workflow. Hofmann® has packaged performance-enhancing software that’s designed to be adaptable, along with helpful technology aimed at the reduction of customer comebacks and the growth of alignment revenue.

Our user-friendly software enables technicians of all skill levels to conduct alignment services expeditiously and with great precision -- even on vehicles with aftermarket wheels and tyres -- by working in conjunction with our smallest, lightest XD targets, touchless AC400 wheel clamp system, and high-resolution cameras. Advancements in measuring technology ensure that the vehicle is perfectly aligned the first time, while features like EZ-Toe and VODI™ instantly maximise technician productivity.

The result of all this is fast, accurate alignments with a much lower likelihood of customer comebacks.

AC100 clamp
AC100 Clamps
With a self-centering design, the two-sided claws guarantee solid, swift gripping, even over hub caps.
AC400 wheel clamp
AC400 Clamps
Using optimal force, the clamp attaches to the tyre without contacting the rim, providing safe, speedy, and uniform clamping operation.
advanced dimensions
Advanced Dimensions
Advanced vehicle dimensioning, includes Cross Dimensions measurements to identify frame or structural damage before alignment adjustments are made, and Wheel diameter to identify mismatched tyre sizes, a potential cause of vehicle pulling and drive train damage.
custom alignment procedures
Customisable Alignment Procedures
Adjust the alignment procedure flow with little or no effort, by selecting the steps required to match your shop's custom needs.
mobility kit
Our optional mobility kit allows shops greater flexibility by mounting the cross beam to the cabinet, allowing technicians to relocate the system freely around the shop.
modified vehicles
Our sophisticated alignment software allows for simple adjustments in procedure flow, ensuring precise alignment for automobiles with updated OEM criteria.
OEM procedures
Advanced software offers instant access to real-time aftermarket OEM recommended adjustments and repair information, as well as the correct clamps required for a precise, OEM-specified wheel alignment service.
ride height
Eliminate manual data entry, speed up measuring, and increase accuracy, using our specially designed, optional Ride Height Targets.
110-240V 50/60Hz
Power supply
48″-96″ | 122-244cm
Track Width
19″-39″ | 48-99cm
Tyre Diameter (AC400)
11″-22″ | 28-56cm
Wheel Diameter (AC100)
79″-180″ | 201-457cm
Camber @ Zero Toe
Drag Link
Help Videos
Parts & Tools
Parts Calculator
Single Tie Rod
Toe Curve
Wheels Off
Caster Trail
Frame Angle
Manual Ride Height
Max Turn
On-Demand Ride Height
Scrub Radius
TIP Target Ride Height

EEWAEU714H1 (AC400)
EEWAEU714G1 (AC100)