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monty 4250 tire changer

monty® 4250

Commercial Tyre Changer

With its rugged design, the innovative monty® 4250 tire changer from Hofmann® stands out as a highly productive tool for managing heavy-duty wheels, including truck, bus, agricultural vehicle and earthmover tires. Facilitated by a specialized remote control, a single technician can efficiently and safely oversee all tire-changing operations remotely, enhancing proficiency and the ability to service tires and OTR wheel assemblies up to 92.5 inches in maximum diameter -- clamping wheels of 32 inches diameter, or 56 inches with optional extensions.The application of a two-speed, self-centering, four-jaw, hydraulically-operated chuck ensures a firm and authoritative grip on the wheels, and with a comprehensive bead breaker and mount/demount head assembly, even the toughest tires are no match for this machine. The monty® 4250 tire changer from Hofmann® is the pinnacle of productivity, safety and precision for heavy-duty service.

bead breaker for tire changer
Bead Breaker
This system is equipped with a comprehensive tilting system that facilitates the process of breaking the bead, ensuring optimal positioning of the disk.
chuck for a tire changer
The robust construction of this feature enables it to accommodate wheels weighing up to 3,300 pounds (1,500 kg).
mobile control for a tire changer
Mobile Control Unit
A single technician can oversee all tire-changing operations safely and from a distance while utilizing the wired remote control console, efficiently boosting productivity in the process.
non-return valve for heavy duty tire changer
Non-Return Valve
This feature allows the chuck to always remain under pressure and to avoid the rim from slipping.
43″ | 110cm
Max. Tyre Width
92″ | 235cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
3,300 lbs. | 1,500kg
Max. Wheel Weight
400V 3ph 50Hz
Power Supply
58″x83″x83″ | 148x210x210cm
Dimensions HxWxD
32″ | 81cm
Max. Rim Diameter
42″ | 107cm
Max. Rim Width