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scissor lift for ATL, MOT and wheel alignment configurations
Test Lane

Dual Revenue Scissor Lift

Class IV, Class VII

Unlock Dual Revenue Streams With This Versatile Scissor Lift from Hofmann!

Take advantage of dual revenue opportunities with this multifaceted scissor lift, meticulously configured for ATL, MOT, and wheel alignment. The apex of versatility, it is adaptable as an ATL/MOT lift, a dedicated wheel alignment platform, or a hybrid offering, expanding the scope of opportunities for your shop. It excels in elevating cars and light commercial vehicles, making it the quintessential choice for ATL/MOT test sites, wheel alignment experts, and OEMs. With two distinct lifting capacities, this lift provides more options, including 3500kg and 5000kg variants, ensuring its adaptability across a spectrum of vehicle sizes.


Rear Slip Plates:
This scissor lift incorporates integrated rear slip plates featuring a premium finish platform, which lends itself to dual usage during wheel alignment procedures.

Play Detectors:
Distinguished by their exceptional fault-finding capabilities, Hofmann play detectors surpass others available in the market. They excel in highlighting wear and tear in steering components, enhancing diagnostic precision.

Advanced Safety with Audible Alert: 
Advanced electrical safety locking ensures a failsafe system, while an audible safety alert is activated during the descent process, further enhancing safety measures.