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SPD 2000

Play Detectors

Hofmann® SPD 2000 Play Detectors: Unmatched Precision and Efficiency Await!

Integrated suspension and steering joint play detectors from Hofmann® are robust, precision-crafted tools manufactured from heavy-gauge steel. They stand out in workshop environments, excelling in the identification of flaws within steering system wear and adeptly highlighting imperfections.

A unique design sets these play detectors apart in the industry, positioning them as premier instruments for fault detection and precision testing, while a sturdy framework, capable of enduring the demands of high-traffic workshops, substantiates their resilience and durability. These tools embody reliability, resilience, and ingenuity, seamlessly merging strength and precision, making them essential assets in the workshop industry.


Hydraulic Power: 
Featuring hydraulic operation, the SPD 2000 Play Detectors deliver maximum power for accurate and efficient testing of steering and suspension components.

Dual Moving Plates: 
Equipped with two sets of moving plates, these detectors maximise power and enhance the detection of wear in critical components, ensuring comprehensive inspections.

DVSA Compliance: 
The detectors meet and exceed all class IV and VII DVSA specifications, ensuring their suitability for MOT testing in compliance with stringent standards.

Auto Self-Centring: 
The detectors feature an automatic self-centring mechanism, ensuring precision and accuracy during testing, reducing the margin for errors.

Wireless Control: 
Controls for the SPD 2000 Play Detectors are conveniently managed through a wireless inspection lamp, providing technicians with a user-friendly interface for seamless operation and data collection.