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Car Lifts

In auto service and maintenance, your tools should be more than reliable, they should be outstanding. The automotive lift, one of your shop's most crucial resources, is an essential piece of equipment that improves the efficiency and quality of your service.

We provide a range of car lifts that blend technology, precision, and functionality. With Hofmann®, you're not just getting a machine; you're partnering with a brand that prioritizes dedication, high quality, and your business's growth. Allow us to enhance your auto service solutions.

Four-Post Alignment Lift
Scissor Alignment Lift
Two-Post Automotive Lift


Our Range of Lifts

Selecting the right lift is about improving efficiency, safety, and business success. With Hofmann lifts, you're investing in well-engineered equipment made to suit your needs.

Hofmann lifts are constructed from superior materials for durability and reliability, designed with user-friendly features, and fitted with safety mechanisms for peace of mind. They are also rigorously tested to withstand the toughest garage environments and the busiest service days.

Here's a closer look at our different lift options and their respective benefits:

Two-Post Lifts: Maximizing Space and Access

Our two-post lifts focus on efficiency and space optimization. They provide extensive undercarriage access, making them an excellent choice for garages that offer a range of services like wheel alignment and tire rotations, without using too much floor space. Our models also offer a strong lifting capacity to support a variety of vehicles.

Four-Post Lifts: Stability for the Long Haul

When dealing with heavy-duty operations and larger vehicles, stability is crucial. Hofmann four-post heavy-duty lifts provide that stability with high-end lift capacity and numerous safety features. For high-volume tire shops, our four-post alignment lifts are an excellent choice.

Scissor Lifts: Versatility at Its Best

Scissor lifts are perfect for a variety of service tasks. With their unique design and compact size, they provide the right balance between functionality and space efficiency, enabling precise, comfortable work in smaller areas.

Your Trusted Partner

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, maintaining high standards of quality, and offering a variety of top-tier products defines our standing in the automotive equipment industry. But what truly sets us apart is our focus on your business growth. We understand that our lifts play a vital role in your operation, enhancing service quality, operational efficiency, and, ultimately, your profit margin.

When you choose Hofmann, you're choosing a lift that is the result of extensive research, and careful engineering. Our lifts stand out in terms of performance, durability, and user experience. They're designed to withstand rigorous usage, demanding workloads, and the test of time, ensuring they contribute positively to your business for years to come.

We also understand that our relationship with clients extends beyond the point of sale. That's why we offer comprehensive after-sales support, including customer service, parts availability, and technical assistance. Our team of skilled professionals is always ready to help, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Hofmann car lift.

We're aware that the industry is always changing, and we're committed to continuous innovation, ensuring that our lifts meet the evolving needs of our clients. From advancements in safety features to improvements in operational efficiency, we constantly update our lifts to give you the best the industry can offer.


What should I consider when purchasing a vehicle lift?

When investing in a vehicle lift, it's important to factor in the specific needs of your garage. This includes understanding the types of vehicles you frequently service, the volume of operations, and the space available in your workshop. The lift's lifting capacity, operation speed, ease of use, and safety features are also crucial considerations.

What are the concrete requirements for an auto lift?

The concrete foundation for your lift should be reinforced and in good condition, with a minimum thickness of 200mm, although this may vary depending on the lift model and the weight of the vehicles you intend to lift. It's also crucial that the garage floor concrete is of the required strength (at least 3000 PSI), not deteriorated, and without cracks.

The concrete foundation's quality significantly impacts the lift's safety and performance. Poor quality concrete can lead to unstable lifts, which can be unsafe and reduce the lift's lifespan. Always refer to the lift manufacturer's specifications, or consult with a professional to ensure the proper installation and safety of your lift.

What is symmetric vs asymmetric lifting?

Symmetric and asymmetric refer to the position of the vehicle on the lift. In symmetric lifting, the vehicle is positioned centrally between the two posts, and the load is distributed equally. Symmetric lifting is often preferred for longer vehicles or those with a balanced weight distribution. Asymmetric lifting, on the other hand, involves positioning the vehicle off-center, allowing the doors to be fully opened while the car is on the lift, providing easier access to the interior.

How do I maintain my Hofmann automotive lift?

Routine maintenance of your Hofmann lift involves regular inspections and lubrication of moving parts. Check hydraulic systems for leaks, and keep an eye on wear and tear of cables and other critical components. Always follow the maintenance schedule provided in the Hofmann lift manual, and remember, if in doubt, it's best to consult with a professional or the Hofmann customer service team.

How does Hofmann ensure the safety of its lifts?

Hofmann prioritises safety in their design philosophy. Each Hofmann lift is equipped with essential safety features, including overload protection, mechanical safety locks, and emergency stop functions. Additionally, every Hofmann lift distributed in Europe undergoes thorough scrutiny conducted by an impartial third party, ensuring compliance with the rigorous European standard EN 1493. Subsequently, a certificate is issued upon the lift's successful completion of the examination, accompanied by a CE conformity declaration founded on the third-party certification.

Can a Hofmann lift accommodate larger vehicles?

Absolutely! Hofmann offers a range of lifts designed to handle vehicles of various sizes, including larger vehicles like vans and trucks. It's essential, however, to check the specific lifting capacity of each model to ensure it suits the vehicles you'll be servicing. With the wide selection of lifts available from Hofmann, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.