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headlight beam testing machine
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Headlight Beam Tester

Fully adjustable headlamp alignment unit with a digital lux meter

The Headlight Beam Tester from Hofmann®: Setting New Standards in Vehicle Safety!

The DVSA-approved headlight beam tester from Hofmann® is a precision headlamp alignment technology tool, with a robust design and user-friendly aim screen. This fully adjustable unit features a digital lux meter for accurate measurements and a forward-facing dual laser system with a 30-second auto-off timer for efficiency. The headlight tester with a 520mm focal length operates at a distance of four meters, effectively serving cars and light commercial vehicles, and an optional unit is available for Class V testing of HGV/PSV vehicles. Additional extension rails are available upon request.


Comprehensive DVSA Approval: 
Hofmann's Headlight Beam Tester enjoys comprehensive DVSA approval, spanning from class I to VII, with the flexibility of adding a class V optional unit to meet specific HGV/PSV requirements.

Rail-Mounted Precision: 
This precision tool is rail-mounted, providing a standardised four-meter distance suitable for class IV and VII MOT assessments, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements.

Laser-Aligned Vision: 
Equipped with a laser alignment visor, the headlight beam tester features an auto-off timer for longitudinal alignment with the vehicle, guaranteeing optimal accuracy in the assessment.

Central Lens Laser Pointer: 
A central lens laser pointer, also equipped with an auto-off timer, is utilised for the precise adjustment of the headlamp height in relation to the vehicle's lights, ensuring correctness and alignment.

Versatile Lens for All Headlights: 
The lens of this tool possesses the unique capability to accurately focus on a variety of headlight types, including gas and xenon, making it versatile and adaptable to various vehicle configurations.

360-Degree Mobility: 
The headlight beam tester is characterised by its 360-degree turning capability on its base, allowing for easy manoeuvring and enhanced flexibility during testing procedures.

Optional Class V and Track Extension: 
For class V HGV/PSV assessments and extended track requirements, an optional unit is available, offering workshop owners the versatility and adaptability needed for specialised testing scenarios.