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Test Lane

One Person Test Lane

Class IV Low Profile, Class IV Standard, Class VII Standard

Maximise Efficiency and Savings with the Hofmann® One Person Test Lane for Your Garage!

For garage owners with an established MOT Bay within their workshop, the transition to a One Person Test Lane from Hofmann® presents an exceptional opportunity, an upgrade that can yield substantial reductions in labour costs per MOT, optimising operational efficiency. The transformation involves a shift from requiring two technicians for testing to a more streamlined process that requires only one technician, enhancing productivity.

This equipment accommodates a range of setups, utilising either standard ATL lifts or a specialised version engineered to fit the majority of existing MOT lift recesses. This versatility is further complemented by a reliable four-post lift, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your workshop's needs.


Multi-Class Capability: 
This test lane is versatile, catering to Class IV Low Profile, Class IV Standard, and Class VII Standard vehicles. It offers compatibility with various vehicle classes, expanding its utility in the workshop.

Play Detector: 
The integrated play detector is a vital component for identifying wear and tear in steering components. It accentuates any faults, ensuring accurate diagnostic assessments.

Radius Plates: 
Precision within vehicle testing is ensured with the inclusion of radius plates, enabling accurate and reliable measurements of brake and suspension components.

Pedal Depressor: 
The pedal depressor simplifies testing procedures by securely holding the brake pedal during brake testing, ensuring consistency and precision.

Convex Mirrors: 
The test lane features convex mirrors, improving visibility and facilitating safe manoeuvring during the testing process.

Seamless Workshop Integration:
The 130mm recess fitment is a feature exclusive to the low profile lift option. It allows for seamless integration into workshop setups, optimising space and adaptability.

Extra-Long Platform: 
The extra-long platform enhances the versatility of the test lane, accommodating a wide range of vehicles, ensuring comprehensive and efficient testing