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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Battery Lift

Electro hydraulic equipment with dual speeds

Advance Your Workshop with the Hofmann EV & HEV Battery Lift:
Paving the Way for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Service Excellence!

The Hofmann® Electric and Hybrid Vehicle (EV & HEV) Battery Lift is a state-of-the-art piece of electro-hydraulic equipment with dual-speed capabilities, designed for mounting and dismounting electric and hybrid vehicle batteries. It has a substantial lifting capacity of 1200kg and a versatile height range from 800mm to 1810mm, making it suitable for various electric and hybrid vehicle servicing facilities. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to disassemble components in traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

The equipment includes pins and pads for precise component positioning and security, and it features a tilting suspended platform and lateral movement for enhanced adaptability. This lift is a forward-looking solution for both current and future vehicle servicing needs.


Versatile Vehicle Compatibility: 
This lift is compatible with a broad spectrum of electric and hybrid vehicles, including EV, BEV, HEV, and PHEV, making it suitable for battery removal and installation across these platforms.

Electrically Released Mechanical Locking System: 
The lift incorporates an innovative mechanical locking system that is electrically released, ensuring secure and precise battery handling.

Extended Lifting Capacity: 
Its platform extends to a maximum of 325mm, providing the capability to accommodate substantial loads with ease.

Reserved Working Table: 
The lift is equipped with a convenient working table featuring reserved holes (100mm x 100mm). These holes facilitate precise positioning and secure mounting of components using specialised fixtures.

Dual-Speed Operation: 
The lift boasts a dual-speed system, enhancing efficiency and control during battery installation and removal procedures.

Durable Oil Hose: 
It features an oil hose with double steel wire fabrications that have successfully passed a pressure test at 40 MPa. This ensures that it can operate at twice the nominal working pressure without the risk of breaking.

Comprehensive Control Options: 
Hand-held lift controls provide access to a range of functions, including stop, slow rise, standard rise, and descent, allowing for precise and adaptable battery handling during servicing.