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Superior Headlight Testing for Both Left and Right-Hand Drive Vehicles

The 433-HA from Hofmann is a versatile camera system designed primarily for headlamp alignment in both left and right-hand drive vehicles, covering European and American low-beam configurations. Compatible with various wheel sizes, real-time data collection, and user-friendly software, this multifunctional tool aids collision shops in achieving precise headlight alignment, facilitating ease of use, and maintaining documentation for compliance and quality control purposes.


Optical Chamber: 
The optical chamber boasts a robust, powder-coated steel body in an elegant black finish. Its cover is crafted from thermoformed plastic material in a sleek silver hue. A substantial Fresnel lens, measuring 280mm x 200mm, is meticulously protected with glass. The system includes a reverse display support and operates with a high-capacity lithium battery for extended performance.

The base offers a unified foundation for both the wheel and rails, facilitating effortless adjustments for achieving optimal planarity. Its design incorporates a column rotation feature with a range of +/-5°, employing technopolymer bearings to ensure smooth operation and precision.

The column features an adjustable height range above the floor, starting from the centre of the lens and spanning from 250mm to 1500mm. To maintain a stable testing position, a well-balanced counterweight system is employed. The column glides effortlessly on four wheels equipped with ball bearings, enhancing manoeuvrability. An ergonomic driving handle adds to the user's convenience.

Laser Unit:
The laser unit is thoughtfully positioned atop the column, simplifying the alignment of the device with the vehicle. It includes a cross laser mechanism that ensures the precise centring of the beam source, facilitating accurate measurements.

Sturdy Construction:
The construction of this system adheres to the fundamental principles of durability and mechanical precision, aligning with ISO 10604 standards to guarantee long-lasting and reliable performance.

Additional Modules:
Rails (All rails kits include the specific wheels)
V shape light rails on floor (length 3 mt x 2 sections)
L shape high precision rails on floor (length 3 mt x 2 sections)
Heavy duty high precision rails in ground (length 3,5 mt x 2 sections)
V shape light rails on floor (extension length 0,70 mt x 2 sections)
L shape high precision rails on floor (extension length 0,75 mt x 2 sections)
Heavy duty high precision rails in ground (extension length 0,75 mt x 2 sections)

Onboard printer; Dust cover; Electronic spirit level; LAN interface; Bluetooth module; Calibration device

311-HA / 321-HA Photodiodes designed for both left and right-hand drive vehicles, featuring European low beam functionality and wheel-based operation.
131-HA An analogue solution tailored for left and right-hand drive vehicles, incorporating European low beam capabilities and a wheel-based approach.