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variolift 3500 lift
Double Scissor Lift

variolift 3500

Double Scissor Lift

This double scissor lift stands out as an invaluable asset that seamlessly integrates into any automotive repair shop. Maximise workspace space with a flush mount installation, or choose a low profile surface mount installation as a cost-effective option for optimum stability.

adjustable platforms variolift 3500_eu
Adjustable Platforms
To facilitate the handling of vehicles with extended wheelbases, our adaptable lifting platforms are equipped with locking ramps and have the capacity to expand their length from 147 to 214 centimeters. Additionally, a reduced drive-over height ensures the safe loading of vehicles with low chassis.
control unit variolift 3500_eu
Control Unit
The compact control unit protects essential electrical components, the hydraulic power pack, and hydraulic synchronization controls. Designed for streamlined, user-friendly operation, it features an emergency switch and a comfort lowering mechanism that facilitates the automatic release of the carriage from its safety lock during the lift's descent.
drive-on ramps variolift 3500_eu
Drive-On Ramps
The ramps extend to deliver another 33 centimeters on each side with easy lock/unlock. Additionally, they hinge down and away at a 54 degree angle to allow easier access to wheel service areas.
hydraulic system variolift 3500_eu
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic cylinders, featuring integrated flow control valves and dual autonomous hydraulic circuits, ensure a secure and precisely managed descent. Compressed air is not required to engage/disengage the scissor structure's locking mechanism.
sturdy structure variolift 3500_eu
Sturdy Structure
Our robust and durable steel frame provides an impressive lifting capacity, while the inclusion of chrome-plated pivot pins and fiber-wound bushings significantly extends performance life without requiring lubrication.
Closed Front
8.800 lbs. | 4.000 kg
Lifting Capacity
70 seconds
Lifting Time
72" | 183cm
Max. Lifting Height
92" | 234cm
Overall Height
130" | 331cm
Overall Width
380-400V 50 Hz 3Ph
Power Supply