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Discover TRACTEST 2500E: 
Accurate Side-Slip Testing for Vehicles with up to 4 Tons Axle Load

The TRACTEST 2500 E from Hofmann is not only a sideslip tester for cars and trucks with an axle load of up to 4 tons, but also a versatile diagnostic tool accommodating various vehicle types. It provides precise sideslip testing, real-time data, and comprehensive reports for regulatory compliance and quality control. With a user-friendly interface, it's easily accessible for technicians of varying expertise and allows for remote diagnostics and software updates.

Together, these features transform the TRACTEST 2500 E into an invaluable asset for collision repair shops, poised to elevate safety and ensure stringent compliance.


LE Display:
An advanced LE display provides clear and detailed information to facilitate precise side-slip testing.

Test Plate, Zinc-Coated:
This system features a durable test plate with a zinc-coated surface, ensuring longevity and robust performance while conducting side-slip assessments.

Quick Diagnosis of Track:
This model offers a quick and efficient diagnosis of the vehicle's track, enabling rapid identification of alignment issues for timely adjustments.

Toe-In / Toe-Out Check:
This feature allows for precise measurement and assessment of wheel alignment, ensuring the vehicle's proper handling and stability.

Measuring Range +/- 20mm/m:
This tester provides a wide measuring range of up to +/- 20mm/m, allowing for comprehensive evaluation of side-slip and alignment issues in a variety of vehicles.

Automatic Data Logging:
This system comes equipped with automatic data logging capabilities, simplifying record-keeping and ensuring the preservation of test results for future analysis and reference.

Interface for Printer:
Enabling effortless data output, this functionality streamlines the process of documenting test results, empowering users to create thorough reports and records for analysis and record-keeping with efficiency and ease.

TRACTEST 2000 E           

The TRACTEST 2000 E features a durable zinc-coated test plate. It comes with a clear and informative display, enabling swift track diagnosis and easy toe-in and toe-out checks, offering a wide measuring range of +/- 20 mm/m for precise results.