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Speedo 005


SPEEDO 005: 
Simulated Road Testing for Mopeds and Scooters' Maximum Speed

In addition to its core function as a speedometer with road simulation capabilities for two-wheeled vehicles, the SPEEDO 005 from Hofmann® offers an array of attributes that can greatly benefit collision repair shops and their diagnostic needs. It provides real-time data on essential performance parameters like engine RPM, gear engagement, and temperature, aiding in diagnostics and fine-tuning. With adaptability to various vehicle types and user-friendly software, it offers valuable historical data storage for improved diagnostics and repairs in collision shops.


Roller Set:
The roller set boasts a mechanical design in a compact and flat form, featuring a galvanised finish that ensures its suitability for outdoor installation. The rollers are meticulously painted, and the system incorporates an eddy-current brake in conjunction with a wear-free load cell. For added convenience, a pneumatic brake mechanism is integrated into the rollers, making it effortless to drive out of the system.

Control Unit:
The control unit is equipped with a lockable main switch, providing enhanced safety and security. It features a speed alarm system with an LED cluster that effectively signals when the speed surpasses 60 km/h. This unit is designed for seamless integration with an external PC, allowing for the visualisation, storage, and printing of all test results, offering comprehensive data management capabilities.

Supplementary Modules:
For motorcycles, the system provides additional fastening options, available in both mechanical and pneumatically controlled configurations. These modules serve to securely retain mopeds and scooters within the test stand, ensuring stability and accurate testing.

Empty PC cabinet, design, which recalls the legendary Snap-on tool storage, PC, keyboard, mouse, 27" TFT flat monitor, A4 ink jet printer; Blower for the engine of the vehicle. Composed of two mobile fans, easily positioned for best cooling effect; Roller cover