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Modular Test Lane

The Modular Test Lane Revolution for Cars and Vans

The SAFELANE 204-RP, a groundbreaking innovation from Hofmann, was engineered to conduct comprehensive evaluations of our complete range of testing products. Integrating state-of-the-art technological advancements to meet both current and future demands, it effectively dismantles the conventional distinction between brake testers and test lanes. The equipment's exceptional modular design consistently initiates its configuration from the brake tester, ensuring a seamless customisation process. This level of adaptability is a testament to the system's versatility and underscores the Hofmann commitment to a customer-centric approach.


User-Friendly Interface:
The SAFELANE 204 RP modular test lane incorporates a user-friendly, intuitive graphical user interface that boasts an attractive design. This interface simplifies operation and enhances the overall user experience, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.

Flexible Installation Options: 
This system provides versatile installation choices, enabling wireless connectivity of the RP box to the workstation or display kit. The wireless link simplifies setup, enhancing adaptability to different testing environments.

Remote Diagnosis and Enhanced Connectivity:
The test lane system not only supports remote diagnosis but also allows for hassle-free software updates via an internet connection. This feature simplifies maintenance and ensures that the system stays up to date. Additionally, users can expand the test lane's functionality by connecting additional customer displays, portable controller devices, and tablets alongside the workstation, adding both convenience and enhanced functionality to the testing process.

Modular Configuration:
This adaptable system configuration facilitates customised solutions and simplifies hardware upgrades to address precise requirements.

Basic Module - Brake Tester: 
This versatile brake tester has options for a compact or split design and features an RP box, standard 4WD mode, and dual-direction testing capabilities. You can choose between SmoothGrip or compositae rollers, with options for 700 mm or 1000 mm roller lengths. Motor power ranges from 3.7 kW to 5 kW, and motor brakes are available for 3.7 kW motors.

Additional Modules: 
This test lane supports additional modules, including the suspension tester with the Eusama (contactest® 202-E) or Theta (contactest® 202-T) principle. It also includes a noise detection module and a side-slip tester (tractest 204").

Display Modules: 
You can opt for a workstation that comes complete with a keyboard, mouse, 27" TFT monitor with a new graphical user interface, a printer, and an extended software package. Alternatively, there's a new virtual analogue display available in 32" or 42" TV display kits with a new graphical user interface and a basic software package.

SAFELANE® 306-RP The SAFELANE® 306-RP is part of a new test lane generation, equipped with advanced technology to meet current and future requirements. This generation eliminates the traditional separation between brake testers and test lanes, using a modular design that starts from the brake tester and allows customisation based on customer needs.