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Precision Joint Play Detection for Trucks with Axle Loads of up to 20 Tons

The WEARTEST 4600 FA Joint Play Detector from Hofmann is a versatile and efficient solution for trucks with up to 20 tons of axle load. It offers a choice of test modes through a test lamp equipped with 18 long-life LEDs for radio control, facilitating precise testing of critical components that include axle suspension, wheel bearings, and tie-rod ends. The system is user-friendly, with options for automatic or manual operation and the convenience of automatic test plate return to the home position. Equipped with a robust hydraulic unit and control cabinet, the WEARTEST 4600 FA provides comprehensive testing capabilities for collision repair shops, contributing to improved diagnostics and maintenance in the truck service sector.


Hydraulic Test Plates:
These hydraulic test plates offer remarkable versatility with a wide range of plate movement options, encompassing both counter-direction movement (in four different ways) and same-direction movement (in eight different ways). Additionally, these plates seamlessly return to their home position automatically, streamlining the operation.

Comprehensive Evaluations:
Conduct thorough and meticulous inspections that cover a wide array of components, including axle suspension, axle stub, wheel bearing, tie-rod ends, stabiliser, trolley pivot, twin-axle suspension, and trailer coupling device, ensuring a comprehensive and exhaustive assessment of the vehicle's suspension.

Versatile Testing Modes:
Choose from a diverse array of testing modes, all accessible via a test lamp, simplifying the operational process and accommodating various testing requirements with ease.

Operational Flexibility: 
This system offers an effortlessly convenient single-touch operation, making it both user-friendly and adaptable. Users have the option to select either the automatic or manual operational mode, ensuring it caters to diverse testing needs.

Remote Control Capabilities:
The system includes essential components for remote control, comprising a hydraulic unit, a control cabinet, and a test lamp equipped with 18 long-life LEDs, facilitating precise and efficient control.

Robust Keypad:
This system's keypad is fortified with oil- and petro-resistant foil, ensuring its durability and resilience in a range of operational conditions.