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geoliner 770 wheel aligner
Fully Mobile

geoliner® 770

Mobile Imaging Wheel Aligner

Enhance your productivity and efficiency with the Hofmann® geoliner® 770 Diagnostic Wheel Aligner, a state-of-the-art wheel aligner. Our advanced technology guides technicians of all experience levels through the alignment process, reducing alignment errors and overall time.

By integrating our fastest camera system and intelligent software flow with advanced notification alerts, you can push more alignments through with fewer errors, drastically increasing your productivity and revenue.

The geoliner®770 has a smart notification system that detects any error made during the alignment process and immediately alerts the technician. The system will either fix the problem by itself or notify the technician when necessary in order to save time and ensure accuracy on every alignment.

AC400 wheel clamp
AC400 Clamps
Using optimal force, the clamp attaches to the tire without contacting the rim, providing safe, speedy and uniform clamping operation.
advanced measurements
Measurements designed for advanced suspension troubleshooting and modified suspensions, including ride height, SAI, frame angle, max turn and toe out on turns.
audit mode
Audit Mode
Perform a fast verification of the vehicle condition by measuring the front and rear toe, track width, camber, wheelbase, wheel diameter and cross dimensions. This will help identify any alignment problems so you can sell more services and keep your aligner operating at full-capacity to increase your shop’s revenue.
auto height tracking on wheel aligner
Auto Height Tracking
Automatic height tracking follows the vehicle as it is raised and lowered on the lift, eliminating the need for manual camera readjustment and reducing time spent at the console.
cloud service
Save information to a secure cloud server and access reports remotely to send to customers via email or to print from anywhere in the shop.
geoliner770 compact consolidated design
Compact Design
The convenience of a one-piece design, along with a foldable camera beam, makes it easy to manoeuvre the entyre system wherever it is needed in the workplace.
geoliner770 drive on aid
Drive-On Aid
A built-in camera enables the user to monitor the vehicle as it is driven onto the lift, assuring appropriate loading for performing alignments.
ez-toe connected aligners
Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centered toe readings.
advanced notification system
Notification System
Our smart notification system maximizes efficiency and accuracy by automatically identifying and fixing issues like suspension stress or environmental errors, which only requires a technician's intervention when more information is needed to take different corrective action.
Optimised alignment flow
Boost productivity by eliminating unnecessary steps. The alignment process is greatly enhanced by our quick measurement compensation and optimized alignment flow, which enables shops to grow their alignment business through increased productivity.
VODI for the geoliner 770
Using simple, easy-to-follow red and green LED lights, our patented Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator (VODI) leads technicians through the measuring procedure while the monitor is not in view, decreasing the time spent moving back and forth between vehicle and aligner.
xd camera
XD Camera Technology
Continuously monitoring the alignment process, cutting-edge high-definition video speed cameras instantly detect common environmental conditions or vehicle issues with the potential to cause misalignment
Part Number
110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Supply
48"-96" | 122-244cm
Track Width
19"-39" | 48-99cm
Tyre Diameter (AC400)
79"-180" | 201-457cm
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Max Turn
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