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treadreader handheld
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TreadReader™ HandHeld scanner

Tyre Measurement Technology

TreadReader™ HandHeld scanner is a rugged, compact, and lightweight device that can help your shop provide reliable and accurate tyre inspection service.

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predictive maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
To ensure vehicle safety, a routine inspection of the tyre condition is critical – TreadReader technology makes it fast and easy. TreadReader accurately detects tyre tread to show wear patterns and predict tread life. Scan details can be presented to the customer in an inspection report, providing critical information regarding tyre safety.
results report treadreader hand held
Results Report
TreadReader™ produces an operator report incorporating vehicle ID and colour-coded tread depth indicators that can be printed or emailed from the app.
tyre measurement technology treadreader hand held
Tyre Measurement Technology
TreadReader™ produces detailed 3D images that show the tyre tread conditions with absolute clarity – surpassing the accuracy and reliability of traditional dip gauges and non-contact measurement devices.
treadmanager treadreader hand held
Cloud-based management platform that guides the scanning process, stores tyre scans, and allows access to saved data – providing service reports and sales opportunities for Tyres and wheel alignment.
versatile scanning
Versatile Scanning
TreadReader™ can read tyres from passenger cars, light-duty trucks, utility trailers, providing a scan report for one to six tyres.
5V DC rechargeable battery w/USB 3.1 Type C/100-240 VAC
50mmx23mm ≈ 2”x0.9”
Scan Zone
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
180mmx90mmx70mm ≈ 7"x3.5"x28"
Dimensions (LxWxH)
IP 64
Environmental Rating
Class 2
Laser Class
23mm ≈ 0.9"
Maximum Tread Depth
< 0.2mm ≈ 0.008”
Measurement Accuracy
0°C to 50°C ≈ 32°F to 122°F
Operating Temperature Range