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Mobile Induction Heater

Designed for light repair services, the H4PRO delivers the best productivity available in today’s compact and mobile induction heaters. It provides quick disengagement of fasteners during vehicle alignment, suspension restoration, or collision repair, offering an array of preconfigured heating protocols that are meticulously customised to meet the unique demands of your service endeavours, while maintaining manual control.

Establishments specialising in tyre maintenance and alignment trust the H4PRO as an essential tool for streamlining operations. Its ability to dislodge stubborn tyre nuts, bolts and tie rods enhances operational efficiency and creates a safe environment, allowing skilled technicians to focus wholeheartedly on the core assignment at hand.

collision repair application h4pro_eu
Collision Repair Application
H4PRO is the right tool for high-volume collision shops. Customised heating programs help perform dent repair without damaging the vehicle body and loosen door seals efficiently so the technician can better focus on the task at hand.
preset configurations h4pro_eu
Preset Configurations
The H4PRO is loaded with preset heating programmes for different types of services. There are no complicated processes. Simply select the ideal configuration in our user-friendly software, and H4PRO is all set to make your challenging work easier than ever before.
service application h4pro_eu
Service Application
Ideal for service shops with a wide range of applications, such as removing rusty nuts, bolts on steering, exhaust, suspension and braking systems. H4PRO makes it easier, safer and faster.
wheel alignment application h4pro_eu
Wheel Alignment Application
Shops that specialise in tyre and alignment can rely on H4PRO to speed up their daily tasks. Controlled heat is applied directly to the suspension screw without overheating the material or its surroundings to loosen rusty nuts, bolts and tie rods easier, safer and faster.
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