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duolift HL 4500 STD lift
Two-Post Automotive Lift

duolift® HL 4500 STD

Two-Post Automotive Lift

The duolift® HL 4500 STD has been meticulously engineered with the capability to elevate vehicles ranging from the most compact sizes up to medium-sized vans with standard roof heights.

carriage clearance duolift HL 4500 std_eu
Carriage Clearance
The lifting carriage features robust construction with an integrated grease fitting and offers optimal door clearance. Additionally, it comes equipped with a rubber guard on the carriage to safeguard car doors during the lifting process.
Comfort Lowering_EU
Comfort Lowering
The lift will autonomously elevate to release the carriage from the safety lock and subsequently lower the vehicle automatically.
The operational controls are strategically positioned on the primary column in an ergonomic manner, featuring clear indications for each function
flexible installation duolift hl 4500 std_eu
Flexible Installation
The lift is available in two versatile versions, each of which can be installed at varying heights; specifically, low and high.
optimum safety_eu
Optimum Safety
The integration of a CE stop mechanism supersedes the need for mechanical foot protectors to bolster confidence in technician safety.
Safety Lock duolift HL 4500 STD_EU
Safety Lock
The locking mechanism remains engaged throughout the entire lifting procedure. Additionally, it can be conveniently activated as needed by simply pressing the lock button.
shut-off bar_eu
Shut-off Bar
The safety shut-off bar prevents damage to the upper part of a vehicle by promptly stopping the lift's operation upon contact.
Three-stage Arms_EU
Three-Stage Arms
The front and rear three-stage arms consistently provide impeccable access to the vehicle's pickup points.
Versymmetric Technology_EU
Versymmetric Technology
VERSYMMETRIC® TECHNOLOGY By combining the benefits of both asymmetric and symmetric lifting configurations, Versymmetric Technology enhances ergonomics while positioning the lifting arms to elevate the vehicle.
10.000 lbs. | 4.500 kg
Lifting Capacity
30 seconds
Lifting Time
77,5" | 197cm
Max. Lifting Height
Extended: 181"-195" | 460-495cm
Overall Height Extended
Standard: 156"-169" | 395-430cm
Overall Height Standard
142" | 360cm
Overall Width
400-415V 50Hz 3Ph
Power Supply

EELS721A DUOLIFT HL 4500 Standard (4.5T STD)
EELS722A DUOLIFT HL 4500 Tall (4.5T)



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