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Suspension Testing for Cars up to 2 Tons per Axle

The CONTACTEST® 202-E (K) is a versatile suspension tester designed based on the EUSAMA principle. It seamlessly integrates into the modular test lane, SAFELANE® 204-RP, creating a comprehensive testing environment. With a 2-ton test weight per axle and a 3-ton drive-over weight, it delivers precise suspension assessment. It stands out as a compact and efficient solution, as there is no control unit included, unlike its counterpart in suspension testing.

Conversely, the CONTACTEST® 202 RP-E is available as a standalone suspension tester. Similar to its integrated counterpart, it provides a 2-ton test weight per axle and a 3-ton drive-over weight, ensuring accuracy in testing. Notably, it comes complete with a control unit, offering an all-in-one solution for suspension assessment. Both options within the CONTACTEST® 202 series are meticulously designed to provide precise and efficient suspension testing for vehicles.


Suspension Testing: 
This equipment is engineered specifically for conducting thorough suspension tests, ensuring precise and comprehensive assessments of vehicle suspensions.

Impressive Weight Capacity:
With a remarkable 2-ton test weight capacity per axle, this tester excels in effectively evaluating the suspension systems of a diverse range of vehicles, providing valuable insights into their performance.

Stability During Testing:
A robust 3-ton drive-over weight capability guarantees accurate and dependable results during testing, while ensuring equipment stability and reliability.

Control Unit: 
A highly adaptable control unit streamlines the testing process, offering an integrated, convenient, all-in-one solution for testing.

CONTACTEST® 202-T The CONTACTEST® 202-T (K) suspension tester, operating on the Theta principle, offers integration into the modular test lane, SAFELANE® 204-RP. Alternatively, you can opt for the stand-alone version, the CONTACTEST® 202 RP-T.