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geodyna 4800 2l wheel balancer

geodyna® 4800-2L


The geodyna® 4800-2L is highly-productive off-the-truck wheel balancer with a number of advanced functionalities, including a semi-automatic entry system for rim width input, an electronic friction brake for secure wheel positioning, split weight mode for adhesive weight placement, hidden weight mode, and patented optimization mode. It also features a cone adaptor with a spacer and cone specifically designed for light-truck wheel balancing. This balancer employs virtual plane measurement (VPM) technology for precise results, and features automatic input of offset and rim diameter, a capacitive keypad for rim width input, and weight tray with compartments, as well as a measuring speed of less than 100 rpm, automatic braking of the wheel after measurement, and the ability to measure static and dynamic unbalance in a single run. The GEODYNA® 4800-2L also includes a 19" TFT wide-screen monitor, comprehensive online help in multiple languages, and Asanetwork capability. Optional clamping kits and loading devices are recommended for optimal use.

pneumatic loading device for wheel balancer
Pneumatic Loading Device
This lift helps facilitate the clamping of heavy truck wheels and offers ample storage space for cones, centering stars, and wing nuts.
quick balance feature of wheel aligner
Engineered for optimal performance, this feature intelligently adjusts the number of revolutions according to each wheel's specifications. Operating at maximum speed, it effectively reduces cycle time, delivering swift and efficient results.
76"x55"x54" | 193x140x137cm
Dimensions HxWxL
51" | 130cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
550 lbs. | 250 kg
Max. Wheel Weight
525 lbs. | 238 kg
Net Weight
230V 50/60Hz
Power Supply