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monty moto tire changer
Rim Clamping

monty® MOTO smartSpeed™

Motorcycle Tyre Changer

The monty® moto smartSpeed™ from Hofmann® stands out as a versatile tyre changer engineered specifically for motorcycle tyres. Its pedal-operated tilt-back post employs pneumatic functionality to facilitate both forward and backward tilting, locking in the technician's chosen working position. Integrating patented smartSpeed™ technology marks a revolutionary advancement, optimising the torque applied to the wheel and automatically configuring the maximum wheel rotation speed in response. The self-centreing four-jaw turntable, controlled by a pair of pneumatic clamping cylinders, ensures precision control, while adjustability of the mounting head in relation to the rim offers adaptable placement. The monty® moto smartSpeed® tilt-back tyre changer from Hofmann® is a shop favourite, blending familiar design with user-friendly operation and rapid, accurate results.

adjustable clamping jaws on a tire changer
Adjustable Clamping Jaws
To safeguard the wheel's integrity, these nylon-covered jaws are self-centering and grip the wheel firmly for elevated stability and safety.
bead breaker for tire changer
On-Floor Bead Breaker
A conventional side-shovel bead breaker, featuring an ergonomically positioned pedal control situated a small distance from the shovel bead, is the quickest solution for efficiently handling a range of tyres.
pneumatic bead assist for tire changer
Pneumatic Bead Assist
Comprised of a top roller, pressing foot and lifting disk, our comprehensive Pneumatic Bead Assist streamlines the mounting and demounting of low-profile and high-performance tyres, enabling a single technician to perform tasks with ease.
pneumatic vertical arm for a tire changer
Pneumatic Vertical Arm
Swift and ergonomically designed, this feature effectively accelerates the process of positioning the mounting head on all types of wheels.
smartspeed tire changer feature
This revolutionary, patent-protected technology optimizes the applied torque on the wheel and automatically establishes the maximum rotational speed of the wheel.
tilt tower on a tire changer
Utilising a pneumatic design, this feature maximises clearance for efficient placement of the tyre onto the turntable.
11" | 28cm
Max. Tyre Width
39" | 100cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
230v 1ph 50Hz 16A
Power Supply
55"x73"x41" | 105x140x185cm
Dimensions HxWxD
116-174 PSI | 8-12 bar
Air Pressure Required
24" | 61cm
Max. Rim Diameter
10" | 25cm
Max. Rim Width