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Reveal the Power Within:
TRACTEST 4000 E Provides Precise Sideslip Testing for Vehicles Up to 20 Tons

The TRACTEST 4000 E from Hofmann is a sophisticated diagnostic tool for collision repair shops, featuring a sizable selection of essential functions.  Its LE display, combined with the zinc-coated test plate, ensures precision and durability in track diagnostics. This device offers quick diagnosis of track, allowing for swift toe-in and toe-out checks within a measuring range of +/- 20 mm/m. The automatic data logging feature streamlines record-keeping, while the interface to accommodate a printer simplifies the documentation process. Together, the advanced features of the TRACTEST 4000 E contribute to efficient and accurate assessments in collision repair work, ensuring that vehicles meet safety and compliance standards post-repair.


LE Display:
An advanced LE display ensures clear, intuitive visual feedback for accurate and user-friendly side-slip testing.

Test Plate, Zinc-Coated:
This tester features durable test plates with a protective zinc coating, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion, which is essential for reliable and long-lasting performance.

Quick Diagnosis of Track:
This tester offers a rapid and precise diagnosis of the vehicle's track, allowing for efficient assessment and adjustment, optimising safety and performance.

Toe-In / Toe-Out Check:
This feature ensures the precise alignment of the vehicle's wheels, essential for safe and stable handling.

Measuring Range +/- 20mm/m:
With a measuring range of +/- 20mm/m, this tester provides a wide scope for assessing and correcting side-slip issues, ensuring accurate results and enhanced.

Automatic Data Logging:
This tester comes with automatic data logging capabilities, simplifying record-keeping and analysis by seamlessly recording test data, making it convenient and efficient for users.

Interface for Printer:
Facilitating seamless data output, this feature enables easy and efficient documentation of test results, allowing users to generate comprehensive reports and records for analysis and record-keeping.

TRACTEST 4000 With its robust zinc-coated test plate, the TRACTEST 4000 not only ensures durability, but also expedites vehicle track diagnosis and simplifies toe-in/toe-out checks, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient assessment.