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monty 8800p tire changer
Centre Post Tyre Changer

monty® 8800P smartSpeed™

All-In-One Tyre Changer

The monty® 8800P smartSpeed™ from Hofmann® is a high-volume centre-post tyre changer that combines the high productivity features of a tabletop model with the high performances of a leverless tyre changer and offers an on-floor bead breaker, top side bead seater, wheel lift and camera to control operation on the lower bead. The 8800P is highly effective with low-profile, UHP, run-flat tyres as well as high-aspect ratio tyres. Its wheel lift feature minimises the risk of wheel damage and reduces technician fatigue and potential injury, saving time and effort.
Our smartSpeed™ technology ensures optimal motor torque/speed combination. Its innovative mounting and demounting system, optimised bead breaker system and pneumatic bead depressor collaborate to achieve a heightened level of productivity. With an automatic wheel clamping mechanism that further accentuates efficiency, allowing swift and effortless clamping with the added convenience of wireless command controls on the shaft's handle, empowering seamless wheel lock/unlock operations.

control panel for monty 8800
Control Panel
The user-friendly control panel employs a colour-coded layout and tool-matching controls to ensure easy navigation.
monitor on a tire changer to see the lower bead of a tire
Lower Bead Camera View
Strategically positioned, the lower bead camera offers a clear visual feed on the control panel monitor, ensuring accuracy while maximising the efficiency of the lower bead breaking process.
bead breaker for tire changer
On-Floor Bead Breaker
A conventional side-shovel bead breaker, featuring an ergonomically positioned pedal control situated a small distance from the shovel bead, is the quickest solution for efficiently handling a range of tyres.
bead breaker system for tire changer
Optimum Bead Breaker System
This dual-component system integrates an array of bead-breaking tools for a seamlessly optimised solution that includes the Dynamic Bead Breaker, calibrated to handle a variety of tyres, and the On-Floor Bead Breaker, which can handle both standard and high-aspect ratio tyres.
The Pneumatic Bead Pusher is designed with a reverse-side hook to assist in lifting heavy tires, efficiently facilitating the mounting process of the upper bead.
pneumatic wheel lift for a tire changer
Pneumatic Wheel Lift
Utilising pneumatic power, the pedal-operated wheel lift facilitates the lifting of heavy wheels, effectively minimising technician fatigue and increasing overall productivity.
powermont feature
Our leverless mounting and demounting tool synchronises with the dynamic bead breaker location for optimum positioning. Featuring upgraded steel and plastic protection to ensure long-term operation, this innovative system is a perfect tool for RFT, UHP, OEM's and low-aspect-ratio tyres.
quickloc feature
With the capability of secure wheel clamping across a diverse range of wheel types, this powerful electromechanical device eliminates the need for additional wheel safeguarding measures.
smartspeed tire changer feature
This revolutionary, patent-protected technology optimizes the applied torque on the wheel and automatically establishes the maximum rotational speed of the wheel.
bead seater for tire changer
Top-Side Bead Seater
This ergonomically-designed precision tool injects a forceful blast of compressed air into the tyre, swiftly elevating the tyre bead and seamlessly sealing it onto the rim. With an airtight connection secured, this innovative nozzle is a sophisticated approach to maintaining the integrity of the tyre-rim interface.
remote control for tire changer
The centre-post clamping system can be wirelessly operated, enabling technicians to utilise the remote control and efficiently manipulate clamping action during the tyre changing process.
15" | 38cm
Max. Tyre Width
47" | 119cm
Max. Wheel Diameter
230V 1ph 50-60Hz 16A
Power Supply
75"x63"x78" | 190x160x198cm
Dimensions HxWxD
30″ | 76cm
Max. Rim Diameter
13" | 33cm
Max. Rim Width
116-174 PSI | 8-12 bar
Air Pressure Required

MONTY® 8800G SMARTSPEED™ The monty® 8800g smartSpeed™, which combines the high productivity features of a tabletop model and the high performances of a leverless tyre changer. With on floor bead breaker, wireless command in the shaft handle and top side bead seater. wdk certified.
MONTY® 8800S SMARTSPEED™ The monty® 8800s smartSpeed™, which combines the high productivity features of a tabletop model and the high performances of a leverless tyre changer. With on floor bead breaker. wdk certified.
MONTY® 8800B SMARTSPEED™ Excellent with low-profile, UHP and run-flat tyres, high performing with tyres with high aspect ratio too. wdk certified.