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Experience the Multitest Emission Analysers: Pioneering Emissions Analysis

Collision repair shops and PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection) stations must often ensure that vehicles meet emission standards, which are subject to strict regulations. By using the versatile Multitest Emission analyser from Hofmann, shops that handle a diverse range of vehicles are able to provide an in-depth analysis of emission levels from both petrol and diesel vehicles, so emission-related issues can be identified and corrected. This not only reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance, but also expedites the repair process and can potentially save customers money in fuel efficiency by preventing costly engine damage caused by emission-related problems.

Multitest 220 The Hofmann Multitest 220 is a compact "black box" smoke meter with a 10mm diameter and a 1-meter-long probe. It includes a 27mm diameter pipe for outlets greater than 45mm, a reference filter certified by the manufacturer with a k-value of approximately 1.7 m^-1, and a pincer for filter handling.
Multitest 211 The Hofmann Multitest 211 is a comprehensive emission analyser equipped with a digital display and an integrated printer. It comes with a 6-meter probe featuring a filter and a tightness test cup, spare filters, an oxygen sensor, a silicon pipe for water outlet, and paper for the printer.

Multitest 210

The Hofmann Multitest 210 is an emission analyser in a compact "black box" version. It includes a 6-meter probe with a filter and tightness test cup, spare filters, an oxygen sensor, and a silicone pipe for water outlet management.