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quattrolift 4000 W lift
Four-Post Alignment Lift

quattrolift® 4000 WA

Four-Post Alignment Lift

By harnessing the power of the quattrolift® 4000 WA alongside an impressive selection of Hofmann 3D wheel aligners, you can effortlessly achieve the pinnacle of precision in wheel alignment procedures, accommodating all types of vehicles, from passenger cars and SUVs to transporters and mid-sized vans.

cable system quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
Cable System
Rugged brass pulleys play an essential role in prolonging the lifespan of the lift.
control unit quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
Control Unit
The compact control unit protects essential electrical components, the hydraulic power pack, and hydraulic synchronization controls. Designed for streamlined, user-friendly operation, it features an emergency switch and a comfort lowering mechanism that facilitates the automatic release of the carriage from its safety lock during the lift's descent.
optional jack quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
Optional Jack
The rolling jack increases versatility by providing a 3.000kg lifting capacity, allowing additional work such as brake service to be seamlessly performed.
optional turntables quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
Optional Turntables
Effortlessly incorporated into the runways, these optional turntables may be positioned in three different positions to accommodate a wide array of wheelbases.
ramps quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
The ramps extend to a length of 106 centimeters, facilitating a drive-on angle of 10 degrees, while ensuring that the total length of the entire lift system remains below 640cm.
rear slip plates quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
Rear Slip Plates
The integrated rear slip plates ensure that conducting a comprehensive four-wheel alignment on vehicles featuring wheelbases from 193-415cm. To optimize sliding performance, each slip plate is segmented into three sections, offering an impressive 120 rollers.
safety ladder quattrolift 4000 wa_eu
Safety Ladder
The lift is equipped with safety locks every 10cm, immobilizing the runways in a securely locked position specifically intended for wheel alignment procedures.
Closed Front
8.000 lbs. | 4.000kg
Lifting Capacity
70 seconds
Lifting Time
Surface Mount: 72" | 183cm
Max. Lifting Height
72" | 183cm
Max. Lifting Height Surface Mount
92" | 234cm
Overall Height
130" | 331cm
Overall Width
380-400V 50Hz 3Ph 20A 2HP
Power Supply

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