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brekon 204 brake tester
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BREKON® 204: 
Precise Roller Brake Testing for Cars and Vans with up to 4 Tons Axle Load - Analogue Edition

The Hofmann BREKON 204 roller brake tester is specially designed for assessing the braking systems of cars and vans with up to 4 tons of drive-over axle load. It features a precise analog display for accurate measurements in the 0-8 kN range and powerful motors for efficient testing at an idling speed of 5.4 km/h. The galvanised roller set ensures durability and suitability for outdoor installation. This equipment is compatible with the ASA Livestream, offering data management and manual or automatic operation for diverse testing needs. Optional upgrades expand its capabilities, making the BREKON 204 roller brake tester a valuable tool for post-collision repair safety and performance assessments.


Roller Set:
The BREKON 204 Roller Brake Tester is equipped with a roller set featuring a compact flat design, galvanised for outdoor installation. It offers a choice of level rollers in 700 or 1000 mm lengths, with CPS coating or in the innovative SmoothGrip design. The system incorporates splash-proof motors with 3.7 kW power and an electric automatic drive-off aid. It ensures precise measurements using wear-free strain-gauge type load cells and supports 4WD mode with counter-rotation. Dual-direction testing is available with a PC upgrade.

The system features an analogue display with double scales, indicating ON/OFF status, manual/automatic mode, roller start, and cut-out at wheel lock left/right. An 8-digit digital display provides readouts for maximum brake force, ovality, braking force imbalance, and additional options like axle load/wheel weight, pedal pressure, suspension test results, and side-slip test results. The ASA Livestream function is included, and a radio remote control enhances convenience. An externally mountable lockable main switch is available, with a finish in RAL 9017.

The BREKON 204 Roller Brake Tester comes with a standard ASA Livestream interface. With an optional COM cable, the customer PC kit, and the RP extended software version, it can connect to an external PC for reading, storing, and printing results. Optional extras include a PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, and cabinet.

Operation Modes:
The system offers operation in both manual and automatic modes, ensuring flexibility in testing procedures.

Single-Wheel Test: 
Single-wheel testing is available, allowing for in-depth examination of individual wheel performance.

Modular Upgrade:
The BREKON 204 can be upgraded with optional modules to create a comprehensive test lane, enhancing its capabilities to meet specific testing needs.