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Mobile mechanical headlight adjusting device for car headlights
Headlamp Aligners



Precision Headlight Adjustment Made Easy

The LUMATEST 2066 is a versatile mobile device from Hofmann, engineered for the precise adjustment of car headlights. It boasts adaptability to various vehicle models and headlamp types, ensuring it is suitable across a wide spectrum, while its precision and speed in headlight adjustment enhance safety and workflow efficiency. Its lightweight and portable design makes the LUMATEST 2066 convenient for use in different shop settings, making it another essential tool for collision repair shops.

Enhanced Mobility:
A mobile mechanical headlight adjusting device, complete with wheels, offers convenient mobility to ensure precise and efficient headlight adjustments.

Mirror Alignment System:
This system includes a mirror alignment feature, enhancing the accuracy of headlight testing by ensuring optimal alignment and calibration, resulting in dependable results.

Digital Luxmeter:
This device enables the measurement of light intensity with digital precision, enhancing the system's ability to assess headlight performance.

Manual Inclination Adjustment:
For fine-tuning and calibration, this system provides manual inclination adjustment, allowing for precise customisation to meet specific testing requirements.

Selector Switch:
This system features a selector switch for adjusting headlight settings, catering to both right-hand and left-hand traffic configurations, ensuring accurate and versatile headlight testing capabilities.

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