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High-Performance Roller Brake Testers for Trucks, Buses, and Trailer

The versatile SAFELANE 420 Roller Brake Tester from Hofmann stands out as an essential addition to collision repair shops requiring efficient and accurate brake testing for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and trailers, offering the ability to test loaded vehicles and accommodate various configurations to ensure that brakes function optimally under practical usage conditions. It comes with a range of customisable options, such as 1-speed or 2-speed settings, 2WD or 4WD compatibility, and elevated or level rollers. With easy installation in existing pits and multiple visualisation options, the SAFELANE 420 is the optimal solution for establishments that focus heavily on exacting brake testing efficiency, seamlessly accommodating specific customer requirements.


High Durability Rollers: 
The SAFELANE® 420 Roller Brake Testers feature coated steel rollers with an exclusive design, ensuring exceptional durability for long-lasting performance.

Hot-Galvanised Frame: 
The frame is completely hot-galvanised, providing superior corrosion protection, surpassing just surface coverings, and guaranteeing longevity.

Dongle-Enabled Functionalities: 
The brake tester offers various functionalities through dongles, a "revolutionary" concept that safeguards customers' investments by enabling future upgrades, including multiple speed options and PC connectivity.

User-Friendly PC Software: 
The included PC software is user-friendly and offers networking capabilities, remote diagnosis, and software updates via internet connection, simplifying operation and maintenance.

Load Simulation Options: 
Various models provide load simulation through pull-down or lifting methods, accommodating brake tests according to different methods as required by ISO 21069, ensuring comprehensive testing capabilities.

High-Quality Bearings: 
The SAFELANE® 420 Roller Brake Testers incorporate high-quality, durable bearings, contributing to the overall accuracy and reliability of the testing equipment.

SAFELANE® 413 The SAFELANE® 413 is designed for testing passenger cars, vans, trucks, and trailers in their unloaded condition. This brake tester comprises the roller set, control unit, and a remote control.
SAFELANE® 415 SAFELANE® 415 is suitable for testing empty or partially loaded vehicles and buses with its 11 kW version. It can also handle vehicles and buses under loaded conditions with the 15 kW version. The brake tester includes the roller set, control unit, and a remote control.
SAFELANE® 416  The SAFELANE® 416 is designed for testing empty or partially loaded vehicles and buses, offering normal to high throughput.