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Mobile Lift

The BT 1800 Mobile Lift Table for EV Service has been engineered to facilitate safe and robust EV battery management. Since the battery is the largest and most expensive single component of the vehicle, battery maintenance requires the utilisation of a robust lift table to ensure safe servicing procedures. With a lifting capacity of 1,800kg and a durable double-scissor-type design, the BT 1800 distinguishes itself as one of the strongest battery lifts in the market, making it the optimal solution for workshops equipped with an Electric Vehicle Service Bay. Additionally, it is designed to match requirements established by most OEMs. With its adaptable tabletop configuration, it can handle a diverse array of batteries in the market.



• Equipped with a sturdy handle and convenient wheels, BT 1800 allows for seamless repositioning around the workshop

• A rechargeable 12Vdc power supply enhances the operational flexibility of the BT 1800 around the shop, eliminating the need for an external power supply cable.



• Characterized by a powerful hydraulic cylinder that provides an impressive lifting capacity of 1,800kg and a substantial 2,000mm rise height.

• Its double-scissor design offers more stability than a standard single-scissor configuration.



• The tilt adjustment mechanism facilitates effortless manoeuvres, even while bearing weight.

• Integrated quick clamps effectively lock the platform in place to restrict movement once the position is fixed.

• An additional handle simplifies positioning of the battery lift table beneath the vehicle, assisted by a second person.


Control Panel
The control panel features a clear battery level indicator, alongside an ON/OFF switch and a power inlet for battery charging. Charging involves connecting the unit to a standard power supply of 90-264 Vac 50/60Hz.
The lift integrates a powerful cylinder in conjunction with a flow control valve connected directly to the cylinder. This enables the lift to immediately stop the lowering process in case of an emergency, significantly elevating safety levels during operational procedures.
Extendable Platform
The lift platform is manually extendable by 325mm, for a total table length of 2066mm, accommodating a wide spectrum of batteries available in the market.
Handheld Remote Control
The Handheld Remote Control is outfitted with two clearly-marked push buttons, promoting intuitive utilisation during operation.
An additional handle allows for easy positioning of the battery lift table beneath the vehicle. The handle is effortlessly inserted into a designated sleeve and securely fastened with a pin, offering easy removal when not in use.
Pallet Jack
The lift is easily movable, thanks to its wheels and handle. Upon positioning, the lift is lowered like a trans-pallet, facilitated by the control located on the handle, and set on two stands.
tilting tabletop
Tilting Tabletop
The sliding working table moves freely, tilting within a height of 45mm, both horizontally as well as vertically. This comprehensive tilting function accommodates different angles from front to back and side to side, ensuring precise compensation of uneven floors, while facilitating the proper battery mounting and demounting procedures.
The lift comes with two wheels in the back (200mm diameter) that are equipped with metal protectors to safeguard against damage. An additional pair of front wheels and two fixed stands contribute to the lift's stability, while the wheels are designed to withstand 2400kg of force.
Rise Height
Base Height
90-264V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Charging Voltage
Collapsed Height
Lifting Capacity
Overall Length
Platform Length (max)
Platform Width
12Vdc (12V battery not included)
Power Supply