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duolift MTF 3000 lift
Two-Post Automotive Lift

duolift® MTF 3000

Two-Post Automotive Lift

This standard lift without base frame features mechanical synchronisation control and an extremely low pickup height. Meticulous engineering facilitates the elevation of vehicles up to three tons, minimising technician effort and boosting productivity in the shop.

arm locks_eu
Arm Locks
The lifting arms automatically lock in place to ensure a dependable and secure lifting process that prioritizes safety.
automatic lubrication system_eu
Automatic Lubrication System
An automatic lubrication system ensures the smooth operation of lifting nuts crafted from wear-resistant Nylatron® material, as well as the automated lubrication of lifting screws and safety nuts.
carriage and arms duolift mtf 3000_eu
Carriage and Arms
The lifting carriage features robust construction with an integrated grease fitting and offers optimal door clearance. Additionally, it comes equipped with a rubber guard on the carriage to safeguard car doors during the lifting process.
45 seconds
Lifting Time
74" | 189cm
Max. Lifting Height
138"-165" | 350-420cm
Overall Height
88,5" | 225cm
Overall Width
400-415V 50Hz 3Ph
Power Supply
6.600 lbs. | 3.000 kg
Lifting Capacity

H6492085 DUOLIFT HL 3500 Standard (3.5T STD)
H6490841 MTF 3000 2-Post (3T)



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